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"I move that the House restricts Reid's transportation to a rickshaw. " As a San Franciscan I regularly travel by bicycle rickshaw as it is. Right behind the best-in-class MUNI and Bay Area Rapid Transit in my transportation routine.
"meanwhile in the past month gas prices are up by 50 cents a gallon " Good. Private transportation hurts the planet and should revert to being a luxury for the rich.
"Tell us all about LENIN, pedophile Reid. " He was like our own founders in many ways.
"Again Harry, thanks for confirming that Obama has been an economic disaster for America. You must be one rich SOB to be all in for communism. " I am comfortably middle class.
"And their failures as history has proven! " Russia remains a major player in the world even today. Prior to Lenin's revolution that wasn't the case.
"Hey good little marxist coimrade HarryReidsBangedShpincter! Those folks must like being back on the Democrat Plantation that LBJ set up for them! " I'll have you know that the new face of the welfare customer is white and college educated. And politically active.
"Good riddance to bad rubbish. " Hardly. We have nearly 4 full years to finish the transformation!!!!
"HarryReidAllAmericanCommie-putz..............a student of Lenin............a lover of Marx. " Don't kid yourself. You can lear n a lot from studying Lenin, Marx and Engels.
Barack is no failure. He knows exactly what he is doing and he is accomplishing it with great speed and finesse.
"Hey good luittle marxist comrade HarryReidsBangedSphincter! That Hokey Chnage is really working otu well, ain't it! " Ask yourself about the voting habits of folks who are on the dole, and you shall have your answer. I'm DELIGHTED! BURNING WITH OPTIMISM'S FLAMES! READY FOR MY PERMANENT MAJORITY TO HARDEN LIKE CONCRETE IN DC!
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