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I agree - Prager is very sharp.
I'll add my vote for Hugh Hewitt. I've listened to him moderate between individuals with differeing viewpoints on his show and he does a very good job.
This was a great speech by Mitt... nice to see the candidates lighten up a little! I'm definitely NOT an Obama guy, but it is also worth noting that Obama delivered a very nice speech at this same presentation. Good humor, self depricating, nice ending. I really appreciate the sentiment that both candidates mentioned that this country is amazing in that it allows two candidates for the same political office to be able to sit on the same stage in the middle of an election year. Unfortunately, today it's back to business as usual.
I think the Romney campaign should play that Obama "If you don't have a record to run on" clip, followed by "Big bird" and "binder" clips, ending with "enough said?" QED
Video is not "Question on Social Security's Failure". Hmph
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