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I said it once and I will say it again. With regard to DOT ...........he has A CHINK IN HIS ARMOUR. So screw your moral compass........because it is not my moral compass.
.....nobody's got you chained down here.
Dot2Win Wrote: "Not what you said isn't and you don't know Marx. Most here don't even know he wrote of Capitalism. It is that stupid here. " So go back to mainland China, dot lady, where its not so stupid.
Dot lady............come out of the closet.
We don't need fellow conservatives to cut us to shreds. We have plenty of LIBERALS here to do that.
I am just as conservative as you will ever be. Stop under-cutting fellow-conservatives of I will NEVER "be okay with that".
Really Dot Marxist? I would not count on Rick Perry doing nothing about this outrage. If he wanted to he could call in the Texas National Guard........AND HE SHOULD!
I wouldn't waste my time DOT Marxist.
Stop judging other people Bill boy.
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