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The Left Continues To Ignore Rampant Voter ID Fraud, Says Photo ID Laws Are Racist

Harry332 Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 12:09 PM
One result of the "Fast and Furious" provision of weapons to Mexican drug cartels was the cartels killing a few hundred Mexicans. As those Mexicans could have crossed illegally into the US, registered, and then voted (possibly more than once) for 0bama, F&F may have deprived him of votes he'll need in November. Let's hope 0bama and Holder regret their decision to launch F&F.

With the presidential election less than four months away, it's imperative that voters in November find the process as fair and accessible as possible. Several states have decided to enact the requirement of possessing a photo ID to help prevent the occurrence of voter fraud. Predictably, many on the Left are vocalizing their opposition to these measures, claiming that the elderly and minorities would not have the resources needed to acquire one, putting them at a distinct disadvantage.

This debate was accelerated to a higher level when Emily Schultheis of Politico opined that young voters and minorities will be...