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Selfish Akin Bringing GOP Down With Him

Harry332 Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 10:26 AM
Before the Supremes' 1973 Roe v Wade decision, abortion was illegal under ALL circumstances in most US states, and I believe abortion was opposed by most of the US population. 1. What has changed in the intervening forty years to popularize the "rape and incest" exceptions? 2. What percentage of today's abortions actually involve "rape and incest" situations? (I expect the percentage is well under 10%.)
Marie150 Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 10:50 AM
How many men have actually committed rape under the current legal definitions of rape? If a man rapes his own wife is she allowed to kill him in self defense? The fog is getting very thick.

If “all politics is local politics,” it must be said: This is a bad week to be a Missourian.

No, I don’t live in Missouri. But I’m a conservative and a pro-life advocate, so thanks to Rep. W. Todd Akin, I must necessarily worry about the U.S. Senate race in Missouri, a contest that should have been an easy win for my side.

Mr. Akin thrust himself into the Hall of Fame of 21st Century Political Stupidity, an incredible accomplishment in the age of Anthony “Weinergate” Weiner, then-South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s rendezvous with a lover in Argentina, and anything uttered...