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It’s a Boy…Err...Girl…Err…to Hell With It, Who Knows

Harry332 Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 3:16 AM
I agree completely with Reed42. As I understand the situation, the boy's mother claims her boy preferred dolls to toy trucks before he could even speak, so she supported the boy's "decision" then that he was a girl, and she and her husband have ever since dressed the boy as a girl and treated him as a girl. I'd bet that if their boy at the age of two or three had expressed an interest in a toy gun, the parents would have told him "that's a no-no. Guns are bad." With unnatural parents like his, the boy was doomed to maladjustment. And now they expect the school system to make all the normally raised children uncomfortable and cater to their clearly disturbed child -- all, of course, at taxpayer expense.

Journey back with me, if you will, to a simpler time. To a dark and ominous period known as American history up until now.

An oppressive period when society actually believed the genitals you left your mother’s womb with determined your gender. A tyrannical time when parents actually parented according to the acknowledged moral standard of the universe, rather than enabling and validating their offspring’s unhealthy tantrums and desires.

Thankfully we’ve progressed past that now.

We are entering a brave new world. A world where a 6-year old boy in Colorado Springs demanding he’s actually a girl isn’t thought to...