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Perhaps Miss Reid should explain why she considers the GOP should discard "Toxic assets like Allen West." Everything I've read and heard about Allen West was great. I don't see him as loaded with negatives.
Can a late-term abortion by a D&C be performed safely for the "mother" without the abortionist seeing what he or she is doing? It might be actionable malpractice not to use a probe, particularly if the "mother" dies along with her unborn baby. "Huge?" Does the probe have a larger diameter than an erect male member, or is its diameter more like that of a pencil or a ballpoint pen? "Ram?" Unless the doctor is a sadist, the insertion would probably be fairly gentle. Even if the probe is rammed in, it's certainly safer than ramming in a scalpel -- the instrument the woman wants the abortionist to insert.
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How Will Miss American Pie Vote?

Harry332 Wrote: Oct 28, 2012 6:14 PM
K416 wasn't disparaging all women, just the ones who are likely to vote for 0bama to make us subsidize their birth control entitlements. I expect his opinion of other women is much better.
The Ds also celebrate rapists, such as "better put some ice on that" Clinton.
I believe the word is "reek". Other than that, your comment is correct.
If she'd trusted Clinton, she might be "putting some ice on that."
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Abortion and Rape

Harry332 Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 11:41 AM
The incest justification for abortion is just a distraction. Of the million or so US abortions every year, how many involve pregnancies resulting from incest? I'd be surprised if there are as many as ten in a year. Incest doesn't involve an unidentifiable stranger. The father is known, and his responsibility can be proved by DNA testing. Forcible rape by an unknown rapist is certainly possible, and using a weapon to "persuade" the victim to submit is still forcible even if no bodily injury is inflicted. However, Akin's use of the term "legitimate" was intended to distinguish rapes that happened from rapes that are claimed but never occurred. The Duke lacrosse team and a disbarred prosecutor showed that.
0bama's pick of Biden for Vice President was a form of life insurance. 0 figured anyone contemplating his assassination might hesitate because elevating Biden to the presidency would just make a bad situation even worse.
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Documentary on Obama a Balancing Act

Harry332 Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 11:04 AM
Got a URL Jondm? I'd like to see if Bill Maher's "ripping" has any substance, or did Bill simply say "D'Souza is a male C***". That would be Bill's usual style.
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Legitimate Rape Arguments

Harry332 Wrote: Aug 27, 2012 11:34 AM
Another thing worth doing is to tell people that Todd Akin has never raped anybody, unlike former President Clinton who almost certainly raped Juanita Broadrick when he was the attorney general of Arkansas and running for governor of that state. When Clinton was attending Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, he probably raped an English girl, whose accusation was strongly discouraged by the local police to protect the reputation of Oxford University and the Rhodes scholar program. It's very likely Clinton is a multiple rapist, yet he's now portrayed by the democrat party as a defender of women!
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