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Abortion and Rape

Harry332 Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 11:41 AM
The incest justification for abortion is just a distraction. Of the million or so US abortions every year, how many involve pregnancies resulting from incest? I'd be surprised if there are as many as ten in a year. Incest doesn't involve an unidentifiable stranger. The father is known, and his responsibility can be proved by DNA testing. Forcible rape by an unknown rapist is certainly possible, and using a weapon to "persuade" the victim to submit is still forcible even if no bodily injury is inflicted. However, Akin's use of the term "legitimate" was intended to distinguish rapes that happened from rapes that are claimed but never occurred. The Duke lacrosse team and a disbarred prosecutor showed that.

The criticisms of the recent absurd comments by Missouri Republican Congressman Todd Akin, who at this writing is his party's nominee to take on incumbent Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in November in a contest he had been expected to win, have focused on his clearly erroneous understanding of the human female anatomy. In a now infamous statement, in which he used the bizarre and unheard-of phrase "legitimate rape," the congressman gave the impression that some rapes of women are not mentally or seriously resisted. This is an antediluvian and misogynistic myth for which there is no basis in fact and...