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Exactly. O's handlers knew how to use propeganda to the very best advantage. O's capiagn strategy almost convinced me to vote for him. Well I didn't. Romney needed to keep talking about what O had done to ruin our economy starting with day one of O's administration.
cwa your exactly correct. Romney had a lot of ammo he could have used and did not. I think he really wanted to loose. The whole campaign sounded like a losing folly. That only bright spot was the first debate, everything else fell on its face.
Hate Kool-Ade
The worker built that. Ask any union member. Of course the inventor craeated something that was needed or wanted and sold the idea that created the jobs for the worker but the business plan and product came from the inventor who really built the comapny. give capatlism another A+.
Their natural role is to compliment the men in their lives of course. But then the natural role for men is exactly the same. brains and achievemnt is not limited to gender but to the intellegence IQ of the individual. That's the element missing in government controled scocieties.
Send me a copy. Would love to have one so I will have some ammo for my Obama friends. donc711@yahoo.com Thanks Mike.
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