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Liberty means you get to make your own personal choices. It would be much better if the Federal government were not involved in local police actions. It's a big step from eliminating Federal laws against Marijuana to focusing on getting stoned. Like alcohol, I don't want the feds involved but I also have no desire to get drunk. But liberty does include the right to make bad decisions.
Obamacare is designed to fail, making way for Single payer to save the day.
In MO Akin might have won if the Republicans hadn't circled around and started shooting. Claire played them like a fiddle.
I had to log in just to say AMEN!
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Is the Sun Rising in the East?

Harry222 Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 3:37 PM
Welfare turns people into dependents and idiots. There is no incentive to study to get ahead or even work if your get to live reasonably well on welfare.
Its not the web site nor the extensions its the stupid three sizes fit all, Big Brother knows best that's the problem.
They should know Barry was lying; his lips were moving.
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Health Care for the Pushy

Harry222 Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 10:18 AM
TeaHe is somewhat right in that the Dems intend for this to fail so that they can push "Single Payer" through. They have no interest in saving the average person anything. It is strictly a step on their way to control another 20% of the economy. If you watch they are already pushing Single Payer as a solution to this stupidity so TeaHe is right in line. Od that he wants the USA to be as mediocre as the rest of the "modern world."
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