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I wonder how the TAXPAYING residents of the particular state feel about subsidizing an illegal immigrant, while their children get the same treatment. In this case, Americans (out of state students) are put behind illegal aliens. Why is this happening? Easy. Vote pandering for the worthless, chattering, churlish political class.
The swell of gumming employees in Northern Virginia, largely Black, and the national mentality of Boobus Americanus ("Where's my free stuff, of' voting' of' yo ash"?) combined to defeat the principled Cuccinelli. Add to that the antipathy of the Establishment Republicans to a Tea Party Conservative.
A drug test that brings back positive would be a plus for Shrieka Yackbone. That way she could plead, "See, it was the drugs that made my say all those stupid things, and made me appear to be sub-human".
Moochelle, My Poochelle. A life dedicated to "public service", i.e., the public serves me. Al Sharpton in drag.
She is so pathetic and lost. She really should get some help. Come to Jesus, Buddha, Moses or something. She might have been seduced by Hilary Clintongue.
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