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"LOL FairyReidTheArsHole OH PA-LEASE. And exactly HOW was Obozo qualified???" United States Senator, greatest orator of our time.
These polls will NOT hold for the unqualified Romney.
"Hey FairyReidTheArsHole, IF you're so UNHAPPY with things here in the America, why don't you just IMMIGRATE to a real Socialist or Communist country??? " WE are making progress, finally, in these past 3 years and change. But SOME people, and some Republicans, are trying to reverse this progress Barack has led the way on.
"If ?... Or when ? " I hope it's "when". :) :) :)
"And still nothing on WHERE in the Constitution about the pres. dissolving the House. " If he declared an emergency and issued an EO I'll bet he could.
"Actually, I'd like to see Barack TRY to suspend or dissolve the House of Reps. It would be UGLY, but Obozo would be exposed for the dictator wannabe we've been saying he is. YUP. I'd just like to see that POS TRY IT." Few would care. The House have been remiss in their duties, obstructionist, contrarian and lame.
"And perhaps you should google Oath Keepers...." I am sure the feds have been gathering lots of information on these loons.
"And BTW, we are NOT a PARLIAMENT. " Parliament, congress...Tomato, tomahto....
I am neither. Lifelong Democrat.
"Sorry FairyReidTheArsHole, not gonna happen. " These Reps would go quietly. Especially the wimps elected in '10.
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