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The Long Voyage of George McGovern

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 8:10 AM
Even McGovern finally gave up on Marxism at the end. McGovern: the man who campaigned to elect a Soviet spy to the Presidency -- Henry Wallace -- and conspired with communists to engineer America's only lost war. Even THAT MAN finally figured it out. If the Soviet Union, Communist China, and George McGovern were able to finally see through Karl Marx's lunatic delusions, CAN SOMEONE TELL MY WHY THERE STILL EXISTS A DUMBOCRAT PARTY IN AMERICA?

He had to have run the worst, most disorganized and demoralizing, indeed chaotic presidential campaign in recent history. It was a perfect, agonizing reflection of the jumbled times. A kind of microcosm of the Sixties as things fell apart in that mood-altering era -- before they congealed into the leisure-suited Seventies, when the utter mediocre could be delivered in flashy packaging. Think of that photograph of Richard Nixon posing awkwardly, as he did everything else, with Elvis Presley. That about sums up that strange time.

If poor George McGovern didn't head the worst presidential campaign of...