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The Right's Unwitting Obama Apologists

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 7:43 AM
David, the point you're missing is that after Speaker Bonehead set up that screwy deal on the last debt ceiling hike, we were FORCED to do SOMETHING to prevent the BIGGEST TAX HIKE IN HISTORY on Jan 1. Caesar Obozo had all the cards (thanks to Speaker Bonehead). McConnell managed to pull our chestnuts out the fire at the last minute. I was amazed that he got as good a deal as he did. But the next debt ceiling cliff in NEXT MONTH and now WE have all the cards. THE SITUATION IS REVERSED. We don't need a single Dumbocrat to win that one. We don't even need a bill or even a vote. WE JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!
Earl29 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 8:59 AM
Sounds good, but when that time comes, we'll cave again. Republicans need to understand grand strategy; they don't.
I hate to break it to those deniers who believe that President Obama's tax-guzzling capacity has somehow been diminished by the fiscal cliff provision to fix "permanent" tax rates. You're dreaming.

Several smart columnists and respected conservative editorial pieces tell us that a major silver lining in the crisis deal just concluded is that by agreeing not to reinstitute the Clinton tax rates (and leave the Bush rates in place) for all but the "wealthy" (income of $400,000 for single filers and $450,000 for marrieds), Obama and the Democrats made a major concession. They argue that if Democrats couldn't do better after...