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Gun Nuts vs. Anti-Gun Nuts II

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 8:05 AM
Background checks. Ok. But if we're going to require a background check to legally operate a 22 rifle, don't you think we ought to consider the same for NUCLEAR WEAPONS? With all the communist and terrorist ties in his background (not to mention admitted drug use), Barack Hussein Obama couldn't have passed my background check to become an Airman Basic in the Airforce. But we handed over the launch codes for about 10,000 nuclear weapons to BO without bothering to even check that he was actually an American Citizen, and anyone who asked to see his birth certificate was labeled a crazy "birther". Background checks? Absolutely -- for PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES!

A few weeks back we wrote a column about the issues being debated regarding potentially restricting the rights of gun owners established by the second amendment. The column was generally well received, but there was one point of contention that remains the center of debate regarding gun owners’ rights -- especially with the flaming out of Senator Feinstein’s bill on what she refers to as “assault weapons.” We need to correct this point and we discuss the issue in greater depth.

We stated that, as someone not clearly on either the side of Gun Nuts or the Anti-Gun Nuts, we...