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Sounds reasonable. Say, I'm actually a Nigerian prince and I've got this bag of beads once worn by the Queen of Sheba. I'll let you have 'em if you'll just cash this check for me!
And yet another promising GOPer removes himself from consideration. Ben, maybe you weren't paying attention, but we fell for this "reform and secure" ruse before back in the 80's. We got the amnesty and no security. 15 million aliens later, you've got a helluva nerve showing up here trying to sell the same old bag-o-beads. JUST BUILD THE DAMNED FENCE. No guarantees, but once you PROVE THAT IT WORKED, we MIGHT be willing to talk about what to do with the 15% of the entire population of Mexico that has already invaded. Any candidate that uses the word "reform" before that day is automatically OFF MY LIST. GOT IT?
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The New D.C. GOP Agenda

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 1:06 PM
What part of "HELL NO!" did you not understand, Hugh? There will be NO discussion of amnesty until AFTER THE FENCE IS BUILT and THE INVASION IS HALTED. No "triggers", NO "guest workers", NO "reform", END OF DISCUSSION. Build the damned fence, prove it worked, and then MAYBE we'll talk about the 15% of the entire population of Mexico that has already invaded. But that seems to be confusing you, so "let me be perfectly clear". The word is: NO !!!!!!!!!!!!
Major deflations in the U.S. (from WIKI) 1818-1821 50% 1830-1843 34% 1873-1896 42% 1930–1933 33% 2008-2009 2.7% Note that only one has occurred since the US abandoned the gold standard. Also note that each deflationary period was accompanied by an economic depression, of which 2008-2009 was the mildest and shortest.
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Educational Fraud

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 8:14 AM
Scientists studying the orbit of stars around their galaxies discovered something amazing -- they rotate much faster than Newtons law of gravitation allows, and yet somehow do not go spinning out of their orbits. Science has been trying to reconcile the assumption that Newtons law is correct with the observation that it isn't ever since, using crazy notions like "Dark Matter" to avoid considering the possibility that gravity might not always behave the same at all distances. Scientists have been studying the performance of college kids for decades and no matter how they fudge the data, they always get the same result: different races perform differently. Asians perform better than whites, who in turn perform better than blacks. Science has been trying to reconcile the assumption that all races are equally intelligent with the observable fact that they aren't ever since. Nobody expects everyone to have the same skin color or eye shape, but for some reason it is very important that we all have the same IQ, so they keep trying to find the anthropological equivalent of "dark matter" to explain the observation. Both problems could be solved by simply changing the theory to match the observation. The point is, the difference in average intelligence between the races is tiny compared to the enormous difference in individual result that can be had through a little extra effort. If we were willing to accept reality, we could take steps to correct the result -- instead of merely passing along failure until it results in millions of angry people with ruined lives in prison or on the dole.
Benko, your rant might be a little more believable if instead of merely dropping names for two pages, you had actually argued your case. If a big name is all the proof you need, here's mine -- Milton Friedman. Friedman would have explained in layman's terms why your gold standard and the Fed's inept enforcement of it DID cause the Great Depression. You declared without evidence that gold is not inherently deflationary, but can you explain how that is possible? Because the inverse is obvious. The supply of gold is static. Nearly all the gold that will ever be discovered on this planet already has been. But the supply of wealth to buy with that gold is dynamic -- it increases exponentially all the time, as energy and human ingenuity is applied to raw materials to create wealth. So you've got one fixed commodity -- gold -- trying to keep pace with an ever-increase supply of everything else. How can that NOT be deflationary? And deflation was obviously the cause of the Depression -- it was over 10% in the years preceding and following the crash. But nobody, including you, is actually proposing using nothing but gold as money. You simply want the paper to be guaranteed by a fixed gold price. How is that any different from fiat money? Some government bureaucrat still sets the exchange rate. How are you going to keep that bureaucrat from manipulating it to serve the government's interests? Here's a better idea: Instead of pretending that gold backs the paper money, recognize the physical fact of life that the sum total of all the wealth in the economy is ALWAYS what backs the paper. Then use a computer to AUTOMATICALLY manage the money supply to match the size of the economy, to create stable prices.
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Coolidge in 2016

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 8:04 AM
Who is our 2016 "Coolidge"? Where is our quiet man who's actions speak louder than his words? I'd say Scott Walker.
We owe Gov. Perry and other Conservatives who venture onto these Ivy League campuses a debt of gratitude. It's always degrading for them, but it does us all a great service. Every time they speak at one of these cesspools of lower learning, it exposes to the world why parents should quit forking over the cost the cost of a suburban McMansion to send their children there.
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First, Kill the Filibuster

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Nov 05, 2014 3:24 PM
The filibuster was a stupid patch to a broken system to begin with. The Senate was supposed to be a deliberative body of seasoned legislators representing the interests of the States, to provide a stable alternative to direct mob rule by the dumb masses. That all went out the window with the 17th amendment. The filibuster amounted to a gentlemen's agreement to continue to behave like seasoned legislators, despite the 17th amendment. It worked, so long as a gentleman was running the show. Then we got Dingy Harry. The logical solution would be an amendment to require a super majority in the Senate for important Presidential appointments and legislation. Of course, that would require a super-majority, in itself. That's right... now we need a super-majority in favor of logic. I guess it'll be mob rule, then. Hope our mob is bigger than theirs. Good thing we've got that 2nd amendment!
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Scholar-Athlete Charade

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Nov 05, 2014 2:45 PM
What, Williams? You mean tell the truth? Heresy! Get a rope! Here's a crazy idea -- since the current college leagues merely function as farm teams for the pros, what if the pros actually paid the bills, like they do in baseball? Colleges could continue to sponsor a team with their name on it and get a cut of the profits without the pretense of the "student-athlete" fiction. For their money, the Pro's would get to directly choose and influence the development of their future stars. Meanwhile, a parallel TRUE student athlete system could be created where normal human beings rather then doped-up mutant neanderthals would have a chance to participate in sports at the college level. Everybody wins! Wait... what am I saying? Get another rope!
Science? Exactly what "science" tells you that people who have spent months exposing themselves to one of the most dangerous epidemics on Earth don't need to be quarantined? It's certainly not the same "science" that prompted Kaci Hicox to wear a space suit in Liberia to reduce her own odds of contracting the same disease. You are confusing statistics with science. Statistically, many people who are exposed to ANY given disease never contract it. That doesn't mean that quananteens are pointless. Statistics is why the family of Thomas Duncan never contracted Ebola even after spending a week living with his vomit and feces. Science is why Nigeria is now Ebola-free. They QUARANTEENED all ebola patients and sealed their border with Liberia. See the difference? Sullum, here in America, rights are not absolute. Kaci Hicox's right to ride her bicycle ends where her neighbor's rights begin -- specifically their right to not be exposed to a gruesome disease that causes one to die bleeding from every orifice.
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