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Why does the fact that America is an exceptional country, founded on original ideas like personal liberty and divine rights, automatically imply colonialism in your mind ? Most of what liberals call "colonialism" and "exploitation" is merely self-preservation and capitalism. Colonial powers don't give back what they conquer. That's exceptional. Our "exploited" people move from mud huts to air conditioning. That's exceptional. Thanks to the American example of how its possible to rise above the standard human condition of poverty and tyranny, there are now many "exceptional" countries in the world. That's very exceptional, and I see nothing wrong with being proud of it.
Wow. And I thought you had to be Dumbocrat to be a master of solipsism. Please allow me to refute your ocean of jibberish with a mere drop of clarity: LOOK, PINHEAD, NOBODY EVER SAID AMERICA INVENTED "DIVINE RIGHT". America was merely the first country to be founded upon it. That's what made her "Exceptional".
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Impeachment, a Bridge Too Far

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 9:05 AM
Assuming the Republic survives the Mexican invasion, the global caliphate, the IRS, the Fed's counterfeiting operation, Obamacare, and nuclear Iran, the miserable Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama should be the best thing that ever happened to the Republican Party, right Pat? (Assuming Caesar Obamanus allows free elections, of course). After this debacle, the Dumbocrat's shouldn't be able to elect a President for a generation, right Pat? (You hopeless optimist, you!) Just one small problem -- 20 million alien Dumbocrats imported from Mexico with no voter ID law. Well, at least you're right about one thing, Pat. Impeaching the Manchurian is pointless at this point. It's game over -- BO has been the most successful President in history.
Isn't it odd that all the things the Dumbocrats claim they hate about America -- Slavery, Jim Crow, the Indian wars, the conquest of Mexico -- were actually DUMBOCRAT PARTY INITIATIVES!!! The Democrat Party was FOUNDED for the purpose of defending slavery. They split from Jefferson's "Republican-Democrat" party over the issue of slavery. Their first President, Andrew Jackson, was the man who ordered the "Trail of Tears" removal of Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, Choctaw, and Seminole tribes from their lush lands in the South to the barren wastelands of Oklahoma. He STARTED the Indian wars. The term "final solution" was coined by Jackson, not Hitler. Their Second President, James Polk, declared war on Mexico, for the expressed purpose of expanding American territory to the Pacific. It was the only war America ever fought where we didn't return the captured territory to the vanquished. The Confederacy's President was the noted Democrat, Jefferson Davis. The Confederacy was a Dumbocrat paradise -- no competing parties were allowed by statute. Segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK --- all creations of the Democrat party. Their great hero LBJ defeated the Civil Rights Act when he was Senate Majority leader, before backing it as President -- telling his aids "We'll have the n-----s voting Democrat for a hundred years!". They haven't wandered off the Dumbocrat plantation since. Next time a Dumbocrat rattles on about America's sins, don't forget to point out that they were all perpetrated by Democrats and opposed by Republicans.
Yes, Star, Congress should pass a bill to stop funding the Palestinians. And then Dingy Harry can toss it on the pile of legislation he won't allow the Senate to consider. You got me thinking, though... Unless I've lost count, the Islamofacists have conquered nine countries to since Barry started running the show (Tunisa, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Chad, Palestine)? If Barack Hussein Obama really was a foreign agent raised from birth to infiltrate the Presidency and destroy the Great Satan, could he have done any worse? Not that it matters, I guess. After watching his buddy Bill Ayers on TV the other night, you realize there's not really that much difference between a Dumbocrat Ivy League Professor and a bomb-throwing terrorist. Dumbocrat or traitor? Tomato...tomaato...
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When the Last Republican Leaves

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Jul 04, 2014 11:34 AM
"Am I missing something?" Yes, you are. You still believe in "Social Insurance", as if a little socialism might work a little bit. There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- that government can do to "insure" economic security. Every single attempt to do so merely makes matters worse. For example, you mentioned the way government has "looted" Social Security -- as if it were ever possible for government to AVOID looting Social Security. For 80 years, Social Security ran a surplus -- it collected more in taxes than it spent on benefits. EXACTLY WHERE DO YOU PROPOSE THAT THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD HAVE PUT THAT SURPLUS? In a "locked box"? So that the dollar you put contributed in your 20's would be worth a dime when you withdrew it in your 60's? The Social Security Administration did the only thing possible with the surplus -- it purchased T-bills from the Treasury. Would you have preferred to have some dim-wit government bureaucrat gamble it for you in the Wall Street casino? Since T-bills pay about half the inflation rate, the Treasury's "looting" meant that only about half the value of the surplus was lost to inflation. The government did the best it could do -- which was awful, of course. Was this "Social Insurance" good for anybody? 15% of your lifetime earnings were squandered on this stupid government Ponzi scheme. Imagine what you could have done with 15% of your own lifetime earnings to invest yourself. If I had done no better than to stash that money in bank CD's for past 40 years, I would be retired like a king today. Instead, I'll be working with no prospect for retirement into my 70's, for the hope of a government "pension" that barely covers my property taxes. Yes, I'd say you are missing something.
Peter, didn't you hear? They solved inflation back in the Bush years. The secret is, just don't count anything resembling a commodity whose price might be directly effected by the money supply -- you know, things like gas and food. Just count things like housing and consumer electronics, which have been in deflation for the last decade or so. Now you might think gold would continue to be an indicator of the inflation of the money supply, but they fixed that one too -- with the gold ETF. All they had to do was create a fake trading card to represent an imaginary share of "gold". Once they had their "GLD" trading in the Wallstreet casino (with all the other fake trading cards), it was simple matter to sell as many fake trading cards as necessary to make sure "inflation" stays under control! It's the same trick they use to engineer a market crash every few years, to siphon off our 401K's and keep the bankers healthy. So Peter, don't you worry. Everything's under control!
"Can you think of a faster way to start World War III?" Sure. America winning the World Cup. Or much easier -- just appease the Islamofacists like BO has been doing for the past 6 years. The Jewish temple wasn't on the Temple Mount? Give me break! Part of it's still standing there! Who cares if some previous spot had some prior version of the Tabernacle? You could say the same thing about countless places in the Sinai where the Jews wandered before they conquered Palestine. I have never understood why the first thing Israel did after recapturing their capital in 1967 wasn't to rebuild their temple. It's not like the Muslims have ever respected any other religion's places of worship. Check out the Hagia Sophia cathedral in Istanbul some time and see if you can find any evidence that for a thousand years it was one of the most holy places in Christianity. Or see if you can find Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afganistan -- once considered one of the wonders of the world.
"they lost China, they lost Iraq…and Iran, and Libya, and Afghanistan and Pakistan AND they tried mightily to lose Egypt." Now we all know that President Barry is an authentic, birth certificated, loyal American citizen with no ties to global muslim terrorism, communism, or even a domestic terrorist like Bill Ayers. We all know that he has totally disavowed the racist anti-American rants of the Black Liberation Theology preacher who married him to his beautiful wife 20 years ago. But just imagine for the moment what would have happened if Barack Hussein Obama really had been a foreign Manchurian Candidate, raised from birth to infiltrate the Presidency and destroy the Great Satan from within. Would the result be any different?
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The American Flag: 'A Threat'?

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 8:16 AM
I've been so disgusted with the obomination that has replaced my country that I've not flown a US flag in recent years. I feared someone might imagine that I am proud of what this country has become. I was wrong. Chuck, you've reminded me that our flag does not represent the obomination. It's a threat to it. So Old Glory will fly on my front porch once again this Independence Day. Right below my Texas flag.
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The Paranoids are Back

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 1:52 PM
And here Greenberg exposes the real enemy. It's not the Communists that Joe McCarthy was later proven to have correctly identified -- who infiltrated government, academia, and press, and Hollywood for the purpose of destroying America. No, those guys never could have destroyed America themselves. For that, they needed Useful Idiots in the Republican Party. People like Paul Greenberg. Idiots so confidently sure that America could never die, that they blithely allowed the enemy to spread their lies, all the while cooly insisting that all was under control -- nothing to worry about, nothing to get upset about, nothing to see here at all. That's how you fall in one generation to the point where vets can be murdered by the VA, Ambassadors murdered by the State Department, and trillions of dollars and thousand of lives wasted to lose two wars. That's how you elect a man raised from birth to destroy America to the Presidency, even after his past is exposed. That's how you get a country where the IRS can be used to punish Americans for expressing American ideas -- and it doesn't even make the front page of the NY times. Thanks, Paul, for identifying yourself -- and your choice for President, Jeb Bush. It's always good to know your enemy.
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