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Loser pays is a good start, but if we really want to fix this, we need to break up the lawyers union -- the American Bar Association. We the don't allow monopolies elsewhere, why do we allow union monopolies? And if we want to fix this for good, ban the lawyers from the courtroom. The constitution says we have a right to counsel. It doesn't say we have the right to hire a professional lie-yer to tell better lies on our behalf.
Pfsssttt! ... and with a progressive's congenitally absent sense of humor, the point zings right over his head! Keep your head down, Capt. Beyondo! You could be the victim of a stray ironic remark if you're not careful!
Oh, great! Now I'm required to watch another Seth Rogen scum-fest! I thought we were done with his garbage after "This is the End". Apparently it wasn't. You all realize that this is just another evil plot by son-of-son-of Dr. Evil and his commie buddies in Hollyweird to rot the minds of American youth, don't you? Obviously, mini-Kim's evil plan is to force us all to watch a stupid Seth Rogen flick by threatening to kill us if we do. Curses! Foiled by our own fearlessness! Isn't there anything in the Geneva Convention about criminal mass brain corruption?
Hey, Captain Beyond -- shouldn't you be a little concerned that some crazy Tea Party guy might take offense at your daily communist rantings on this site? I hear they all have scary black semi-automatic "assault weapons" with huge "clips" and hate commies. Your days might be numbered! Just to be safe, you probably ought to take your own advice and hide under your bed just in case someone takes offense at your speech! The 1st amendment is certainly nothing to risk your life over!
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The Reagan Void and 2016

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 3:34 PM
As His Imperial Majesty realizes during his "Obama Unbound" phase that there is no credible opposition to his illegal edicts, does it really matter if a strong GOP candidate emerges? Suppose by then we're in a full-blown crises of His own making -- like a smoking hole where NY used to be or a Chinese black-out attack on the power grid. Suppose that His Majesty decrees that elections must be suspended indefinitely due to the crises? Do we imagine that the Dumbocrats would finally realize at that point what they've done and join with us to remove him? Or is it more likely that the GOP would agree that "at this critical juncture in history" we don't have time for elections? Game over.
I think it must have something to do with the phases of the moon. I have noticed that he occasionally gets one right on alternate Thursdays in months ending in "r". Lunatics occasionally have periods of lucidity that seem to coincide with the lunar cycle. I don't think anyone has ever explained why.
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America Needs Its Rough Men

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 8:53 AM
Can we just get past the "moral" argument against torture? Everything about war is immoral -- except ending it. Even ending a war requires immoral acts, whether you choose the immoral act of submitting to tyranny or the less immoral act of killing the tyrant. Sometimes ending a war without submitting to tyranny requires incinerating 200,000 civilians with an atom bomb. Sometimes it merely requires pouring water down the nose of a captive. This is why Jon Stewart got confused and called his Dumbocrat hero Truman a war criminal. Stewart mistakenly equates unavoidably immoral wartime behavior with criminal behavior. And obviously, incinerating a city is far more immoral than merely water boarding a captive. But a war criminal is not a man who commits an unavoidably immoral act during war time. A war criminal is a man who UNNECESSARILY commits an immoral act during war time. Torturing people is always immoral. But torturing people during wartime to extract information to end the war is not a crime. Torturing people for the fun of it is always a crime, whether committed during a war or not. Killing people is always immoral. But killing people during wartime to end the war is not a crime. Killing people for the fun of it is always a crime, whether committed during a war or not. By the way, Truman was, in fact, a war criminal. But not for using the Bomb. He was a war criminal for the far more immoral act of ending WW2 without defeating ALL the tyrants. He left Stalin and Mao alive to kill another 100 million innocents and perched the world on the verge of nuclear annihilation for 40 years.
I see. So Sullum, what's your stand on other some of the other tools of war? How about flame throwers? Are you saying it's OK to throw fire on our enemy so long as we promise to never pour water down his nose? How about land mines? Is it "morally acceptable" to blow off the legs of our enemy so he has to scoot around on a skateboard for the rest of his life -- so long as we promise to never make him miss a night's sleep standing naked in a prison cell or subject him to an enema? Are you OK with atom bombs? Can we kill 200,000 enemy civilians in a single blast and burn their entire city to the ground so long as we promise to never slap a prisoner or interview him without informing him of his Miranda rights? Please, Sullum, we need to know -- is it "morally acceptable" to wage war on our enemies?
If the GOPers try to stuff another Bush down our throats, that would be the last straw. I take an oath on this date that should ANY Bush win ANY Republican Presidential nomination, I will tear up my Republican voter registration card and become a registered Libertarian voter on that date. I hereby swear that all my future WASTED votes will be Libertarian.
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The Rise of Putinism

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 7:58 AM
Pat, they aren't recoiling from the true American values that they used to respect and admire. They are recoiling from the Dumbocrat Amerikan values that destroyed the country they used to respect and admire.
Do the Blue state's support the Red states? I'll take Wiki's numbers. Go to "Federal taxation and spending by state", and sort the table by "net". Top Moochers: 1. Florida (purple -- where NY socialists go to retire) 2. S. Carolina (red) 3. Pennsylvania (blue) 4. Indiana (blue) 5. Wisconsin (blue) Of ALL the moocher states, 10 are blue, 4 are purple, and 8 are red. And these socialist paradises are the top 5 suckers supporting those moochers: Top Suckers: 1. California 2. New York 3. Illinois 4. New Jersey 5. Ohio But isn't that as it should be? They believe in this nonsense, they OUGHT to be paying for it! I'm just disgusted that my home state of Texas is #6 on the sucker list!
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