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Your unintelligible response reminds me, I left out one of the big Dumbocrat voting blocks -- unemployed government-educated millennials living in their mother's basement and lurking on Townhall for comic effect.
The ignorance, even on our side, is staggering. LBJ didn't "raid" Social Security or "move it to the general fund". He merely expanded it to cover disabilities and children. In fact, nobody "raided" Social Security. It ran a surplus until 2012. Did you think they kept all that cash in a big vault somewhere until evil old LBJ came along? What else do you propose they should have done with it? They did the only thing that was legal and prudent to do with it -- they lent it to the Treasury, by purchasing Treasury bills. What else would you have done? Stack paper bills in a vault for inflation to steal away? Stack gold bars? There is not enough gold in the world to do that. Would you have preferred to have some pinheaded bureaucrat gamble your pension away in the Wall street casino? They did the best that government is capable of doing -- which is always pathetic. Social Security was ALWAYS a just Dumbocrat scam to fleece the dumbmasses for cash and votes.
Thanks, Star, for yet another way to solve the Social Security fiasco. Now, could you give us a way to convince the dumb masses to go along over the objections of their Dumbocrat puppet masters? Oh, wait -- I've got one. How about when we convert SS to a private pension plan, we tell the dumb masses that if they don't want to participate, we'll not only make the government quit confiscating 15% of their paycheck -- we'll even give them back their current Social Security balance IN CASH, to squander as they please. Then, give them the number. When Joe Sixpack discovers he's got 75,000 bucks and a 15% raise coming his way if he votes Republican, it might just barely be enough to overcome the Dumbocrat's three powerhouse voting blocks that don't pay taxes anyway -- the aliens, the zombies, and the slaves.
Very interesting, Jonah. Made me wonder who's idea it was, anyway. Well, soooprise, soooprise -- it was Dumbocrat Harry Truman! In fact, Dumbocrats of the world gathered at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington in 1945 to write its charter. (Google it if you don't believe me -- you just can't make this stuff up!) So we can add the United Nations to the list of Dumbocrat Party evil initiatives: -- Slavery -- The Indian Eradication Wars -- The Mexican-American War -- Marxism/Socialism/Fascism/Keynsianism/progressivism -- Abortion -- Drugs -- Pornography -- Sodomy -- The United Nations The American Democrat Party -- proud purveyors of evil for over 186 years!
But he tries so hard! He's even got a point this time -- it is stupid to oppose the invasion on the grounds of sanitation. DOESN'T MATTER! It's an ILLEGAL INVASION, for crying out loud! If the wizard would give poor Steve had a brain, maybe he could figure out that illegal means illegal, end of discussion.
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George Patton's Summer of 1944

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 10:08 AM
"The purpose of the military is to appear so fierce as to make war unnecessary." -- R. Heinlein. Patton exemplified that truism. Warriors are supposed to be scary, dangerous, profane berserkers that produce hell on earth when an opponent is stupid enough to force them off their leash. Only losers hold their warriors to civilized "rules of engagement" -- as proven by our unbroken string of losses against pathetic amateurs since WW2. It's a lesson Israel should apply with regards to Hamas and the Gaza.
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Policing America

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 7:25 PM
Every fascist state requires its jack-booted thugs. John, you must still think you're living in America. This is Obamanation -- one nation under Alinski, with tyranny and Marxism for all.
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D'Souza's America

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 8:27 AM
D'Souza is right. America, HAS mistreated blacks, Indians, and hispanics. The part he forgot to mention was that America only did that when the Dumbocrats were in charge. The Democrat Party was CREATED for the purpose of defending slavery. Then it created the Jim Crow laws and the KKK after it lost the Civil War. And it created the welfare state that keeps the blacks enslaved to government handouts today. Meanwhile, the Republican Party was CREATED for the purpose of ENDING SLAVERY. All of the civil rights legislation of the '60s was originally written by Republicans, while they have opposed all the welfare legislation. The first Democrat President, Andrew Jackson, ordered the removal of the Indians from their lush lands in the south east to Oklahoma, and began the official government policy of removal that provoked the Indian Wars. The term "final solution" was coined by Jackson, not Hitler. The 2nd Democrat President, James Polk, intentionally provoked a war with Mexico, for the openly expressed purpose of expanding the American frontier to the Pacific. The Mexican-American war was the only war in American history where we didn't return the captured territory to the vanquished. There's nothing wrong with remembering America's misdeeds. But let's not forget which Americans perpetrated them.
If we could just get Honduras's President to declare a "Dream Act" by Presidential Order, maybe the coyote's would be willing to smuggle those poor Chicago kids the other way -- into a country where they'd be less likely to be killed by a gang!
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Is Obama Waging Jihad?

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 8:19 AM
Communist-Muslim foreigner waging jihad on America, or merely your average garden-variety Dumbocrat? Hmmmm... tough call. They can be very hard to tell apart. Would things have turned out any different if Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi were President? See what I mean? I think there's one way we can tell the difference. Remember -- we handed over the nuclear launch codes to a man who wouldn't otherwise qualify for even a minimum security clearance. Notice how relaxed Barry seems about every new calamity? How he's seems to be living the dream -- his daily tee-time, the resumption of his smoking habit, and his bi-weekly family jet-set vacations? Remember how the 9-11 guys lived it up at the strip joints the night before?
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The Turbulent Summer of 2014

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 2:16 PM
Victor, it's just weird, all these things going wrong at once. A crazy paranoid Tea-party'r might even wonder if a man named Barack Hussein Obama, son of a Kenyan communist and raised by communists Muslims in Indonesia -- with ties to domestic American terrorist bombers and a race-baiting anti-American "preacher" -- could actually really be the "Manchurian Candidate" we all feared. I mean, seriously! The man couldn't even qualify for a minimum security clearance, but we gave him the nuclear launch codes! Scary stuff! Thank heavens he finally produced that completely authentic Hawaiian birth certificate proving he's a loyal American! Of course, it was odd that it called him an "African-American" 30 years before Jessie Jackson coined the term...
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