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Another Wake-Up Call From North Korea

Harrison Bergeron Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 10:12 AM
"Evil" is merely a moral judgement placed upon entropy. This is why evil always favors disorder and destruction. The Dumbocrat party is the party of entropy -- the party of tearing down order and destroying wealth. This why they favor things that destroy our country: illegal immigration, Miranda rulings, abortion, confiscatory taxation, women and homosexuals in combat, homosexual "marriage", lawyers, welfare, slavery, Jim Crow, disarmament, free love, drugs, gun control, atheism, pornography, eugenics, motor-voter, labor unions, inflation, burning food in our cars instead of oil. It should be no surprise that the Party of Evil promotes nuclear proliferation and destruction over missile defense.
Thirty years ago, on March 23, 1983, Ronald Reagan made a television address calling on the United States to build an anti-missile defense. His rationale was compelling: Isn't it better to save American lives than to kill millions of the enemy?

Our enemy then was the fearsome Soviet missile force. Reagan's steadfast determination to build a U.S. anti-missile defense was why he won the Cold War at Reykjavik (as we now know from revealed Soviet documents) without firing a shot (as Margaret Thatcher famously said).

The propaganda against U.S. anti-missile defense started immediately after Reagan's 1983 speech with Ted Kennedy ridiculing it as...