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Name calling not needed I come in peace. Vandalizing is a crime. No argument there. Crime is well defined. Sometimes a crime is committed for a higher moral purpose. Such as smuggling food to Jews in the ghetto during NAZI occupation. I'm not equating the two but I wanted to give a clear example of my point. What constitutes higher moral purpose is debatable. Losers being part of civil dis, for Obama failure makes no sense. I'm not sure what you mean. Many of our economic problems were caused by the unfunded wars under Bush and the banking fiasco was caused by the repeal of Glassteagle. So, he is correct to blame bush for a lot. His big failure was not getting single payer health care passed due to the massive insurance lobby.
The truth is we the people are far less divided than are the politicians we elect.
I'm a liberal...go ahead ask me anything.
It's funny you say that because something like 90% of police are republicans many TPM so technically every time OWS had an incident with the police it was both sides.
It is not violence...it is vandalism.
No prob with cut cap and balance the disagreement is what to cut cap and balance. No problem with limited govmt. Get gov out of corporate welfare. Unnessessary Occupational licensing, out of birth control, out of bed room, out of nepotism, out of buddy contracts, out of legislating morality. Do away wiith blue laws, do away with drug laws. Allow health programs to negotiate for better prices. The constitution is a starting point not an ending point. All for living within means but that means different things to different people. It is defiantly not the liberal agenda to bankrupt America. And if you look at where the money is going it is going to the richest people on the planet most of whom are not liberal. Out of space
"sometimes I forget how bad the recession is"
How can you say that when you know HP just steals their stories from other news outlets. Or do they only steal the fake stories?
I wish the article actually quoted the offending comments so we could determine for ourselves the appropriateness.
Some student loans can be deferred until you get a job under the current system. The real problem is the schools that sell you an education like massage therapy and get you to take out a bunch of loans to pay for it. In the end the student gets a massive debt and a worthless education.
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