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Unions Represent the Collective

Harold206 Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 8:47 AM
Why so redundant, John? RE: the discussion thread below started by Bob570, when has the "they deserve the consequences" thing ever worked out? The way the Democrats and their fawning liberal media shills have it worked out, anything good to come out of the new administration gets credited to Obama and anything bad is blamed on the Republicans. it's a win-win for the party in power as long as they have the spin control.

LoninPa wrote: Is Ransom saying that the Senate would never approve the tax bill that they already approved and sent to the house? I know it started out as a non-tax bill with the tax part amended on. But that hardly changes the fact that the Senate voted for it.

Editor's note: This column orginally appeared December 9, 2012.

What Ransom, pretty much alone, seems to have missed is that the Democrats don't have to vote for a tax hike bill. The Republicans voted for one 12 years ago (extended by a compromise for two years) and it will go into...