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Bizarre Arguments and Behavior

Harold206 Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 11:47 AM
Traitorbill, a double negative equals a positive, so you must have meant to write, "...and we have seen everything now." Where Obamacare is concerned, we are going to see a lot more bullying. If it ever makes it to the one-payer system that it is designed to achieve, it won't be worth the cost of education and experience to become a doctor anymore, and the medical field will suffer extreme drought. Maybe barbers can become our medicos once again.
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Republicans and Blacks

Harold206 Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 6:33 PM
You may correct me if I am wrong, but to my recollection and my knowledge of history, the United States of America is alone in the world as the only nation to ever fight a civil war of the Caucasian Race over the freeing of the Negroid Race. In the American Civil War we caused the death or maiming of about one third of our population. Think about that for a moment... Virtually every nation on earth, every civilization in the history of mankind, has had slavery of some kind and to some degree. Some nations in Africa and Asia still practice some forms of slavery today. Yet, among all those diverse cultures, we are the only one to have fought, bled and died among the non-slave populace to free those who we were holding in chains. What did we get for our trials and tribulation? We have the gall to label each other 'racist'. And we further have the gall to label anyone who disagrees with a president who just happens to be of a minority race, with that epithet in order to silence them. Come on, Folks, get real! Do you really believe that mantra that any American wants to starve children, the poor and the downtrodden? Can you honestly believe that we are happy to see people live in filth and squalor here in America, or anywhere in the world? Is it really possible that you think I want to take away anyone's Social Security benefits, or their temporary lifelines such as welfare and unemployment and food stamps? And finally, do we, either side of the issues, really swallow the kool-aid that the other side is close-minded and uninformed? Let's start behaving like the "exceptional" nation we are, and quit applying labels to each other. If we were to judge this president by the content of his character, ether than the color of his skin, we should all find him lacking, and he's had five full years to "correct" all those problems he blamed on Bush. Has he done it? No, he has only made things worse IMHO, and I cannot fathom how any African-American can still support him, since they have suffered worse than any other race or ethnic group.
The urban legends surrounding the fracking process are numerous and, mostly, wrong. If nuclear bombs do not cause earthquakes -- and enough were detonated in the last century to give us proof that they do not -- how is the minor fracking explosion thousands of feet underground going to do that? Well water in many parts of the world is combustible, and they don't even practice fracking in most of those places. Why, then, is our water supposed to be so much more pure? Unfortunately, the people who need to read this column listen to NPR, read the NYT and WAPO, and watch network or CNN news. They prefer to remain ignorant of any opposing views, so they definitely won't go to see "FrackNation" when it comes out.
I agree with SageAdvice; nobody forced you to buy that overpriced swill they call coffee at Starbucks.
Will the left ever get it right about corporate taxes? Any increase in corporate tax is passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices, as it should be. Any cost of doing business affects the cost to the consumer of that product or service. There is no better argument for the implementation of a consumption tax to replace the production tax. INDIVIDUALS PAY TAXES. Corporations only act as conduits between citizens and government to collect those taxes.
As John Cleese used to oft say on Monty Python, "...and now, for something completely different..." (Back on topic) Congratulations, Mike, and I hope you are granted maximum relief for the UNCW crime against you in refusing to grant you full professorship. I'm sure you lost a lot of compensation over the years. Long live freedom of speech!
"What’s more, in the past year alone—the time period in which the nation was approaching the start date for Obamacare—full-time employment grew by over 2 million while part-time employment declined by 230,000." This is according to Mr. Ungar. Tell me, Cam, where did those 2 million jobs come from? The only numbers I've seen point to an average of 150,000 jobs per month being LOST. At least, that's the number of new claims for unemployment benefits. Is there some secret project that none of us knows about that has produced those 2 million full-time jobs?
When all else is considered, just remember this: There is no better reason to quit planned refunds on your taxes than the new Obamacare penalty for not purchasing health insurance. Loaning your federal government interest-free money by electing to have excess withholding of taxes used to be a nice way to get a large refund come April 15th, but that is no longer the case. Under the new rules of Obamacare, if you are required to, but elect elect not to purchase a healthcare policy, you can be penalized by the government. However, it is illegal for the IRS to assess any penalty unless you are due a refund on the taxes withheld. That means that, if you owe taxes to the government on April 15th, the IRS cannot penalize you further for your inaction on Obamacare. The IRS can hold the penalty in force for any future overpayment, but it cannot assess it as an underpayment of tax. There is no better time to get a new W-4 from your employer and take advantage of every legal exemption you can claim. And, if you are self employed, or pay taxes on the installment basis in quarterly estimates, you can recalculate your estimates to make sure you owe a few dollars with your filed return on April 15th. The federal government has no right to force anyone to purchase personal health insurance, penalty or not, and this is the best way to avoid it, if that is your choice. Since the average tax refund on 2012 was over $3,000, there are a lot of people who can benefit by taking action to change their withholding and get their tax refund during the year. Based on bi-weekly pay, that would add over $115 to every paycheck throughout the year. Put it in a bank account if you want a big "payday" in April. You won't get a heck of a lot of interest on it, but anything is better than 0%, which is what you're getting from Uncle Sam. An added benefit is that Congress doesn't get to spend those funds and put us further and further in debt. You see, there is some good coming out of the "Obamacare Shuffle."
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Shameful Displays

Harold206 Wrote: Mar 02, 2014 12:55 PM
Off topic and off target, as well. You will use any opening to denigrate the Tea Party, but the act of one deranged man cannot be cause to blame millions of others.
No, he only hates half of this country,so far; the half that disagrees with him. However, that is now rapidly changing as that percentage increases. His disapproval rating is going farther right.
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The 'Fairness' Fraud

Harold206 Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 9:31 AM
Another fine article by Dr Sowell... Is one of those "barriers" that keeps people from getting ahead the government handout that acts as a disincentive to try?
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