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Cheap Politicians

Harold206 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 6:10 PM
Someone farther down posted the alternate reality.... But I'll finish it for them: "Power corrupts --- Absolute power corrupts absolutely!" Anyone for term limits?
Geoff, I agree with you, and I'll add that no degree is worth anything if you can't apply it to a worthwhile occupation. Too many degrees today are totally useless, as are the courses taught in colleges and universities. It is past time to get back to the basics and quit teaching meaningless courses, such as those with "studies" in the title.
Mac, I think the word you want is "whining," but maybe it's "winging." At any rate, it certainly isn't "wining," unless they drink wine while on the air. I've never seen either O'Reilly or Hannity do that.
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A 'Right' to Recline?

Harold206 Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 1:25 PM
No, it is the row in front of the emergency exit that has non-reclining seats. However, if you are able to reserve seating, and you are willing to assist in an emergency evacuation, request the emergency exit row. Those seats always have extra legroom.
Darby, you are up to your ears in it... If he meant to mislead by not telegraphing his "strategy" then it must be the first time for him. BHO sure did make his strategy clear on everything else he's done, or not done in the Middle East, including telling the enemy when we would be out of Iraq. Look what death and destruction that caused.
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Irresponsible Choices

Harold206 Wrote: Sep 02, 2014 11:35 AM
Good column , Mr. Sowell, and it applies equally to Congress, especially the part about longevity bringing a lack of any good. We all tend to get comfortable in our position in life and don't continue to aspire to higher goals. Term limits would correct a lot of the evils of Congress, including those people who think they are above the law.
Great advice!!! I've been asked by dozens of "friends and family" to join them on Facebook, or Twitter, or Linkedin, or some other "social network" and I just tell them "NO"! With all the identity theft and hacking that goes on, the majority of it is because people use those stupid networking sites. Don't we ever learn???
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Harry Reid's Gaffes Just Keep on Coming

Harold206 Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 3:40 PM
Ah yes, and wasn't it Harry Reid who said on a Sunday Morning show that "...paying taxes is voluntary"? The interviewer even gave him the opportunity to correct himself, but good old Harry waded right back in and repeated his idiotic gaffe, so I have to conclude that he actually believes most, if not all of what he says in public. But please don't equate Harry Reid with Sarah Palin, because her supposed gaffes were mostly said by Tina Fey on SNL, and were later attributed wrongly to Palin.
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Sen. Pryor's Gutsy Pro-Obamacare Ad

Harold206 Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 8:39 AM
Not completely off topic, but now former senator and (phony) former Democrat Zell Miller has come out with a campaign ad in support of Michelle Nunn, Sam Nunn's daughter and a flaming liberal Democrat, for the senate seat being vacated by the retiring Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA). Why, Zell, would you support this woman?
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Ferguson and the Militarization Myth

Harold206 Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 8:27 AM
Well, considering that you gave all those "facts" without a single source, I doubt your words. But as to remembering the images of the Boston police, I recall more vividly the video of the Los Angeles police fighting with those two bank robbers who were armed with weapons way more deadly than anything the police had and even had protective, bullet-proof vests and clothing. How do you respond to that?
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Random Thoughts

Harold206 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 8:02 AM
Speaking of Hall of Fame careers...
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