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If the GOP was at all concerned about the 4 million voters who stayed away from the voting booths in 2012, wait until they see how many stay home in 2016. I have been a lifelong supporter of the Republican Party, but I will never, never cast another vote for anyone. We have been completely betrayed by this lame-duck Congress and the fools we call the leaders of the GOP in both houses NEVER AGAIN! And I'm certain there are millions more who agree with me.
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Hate Speech: Calling Me NYTimes Wannabe

Harold206 Wrote: Dec 14, 2014 12:00 PM
I believe the correct expression is."by accident," but accidentally is good, too. I find a lot of confusing and grammatically incorrect statements in the columns.
I've read the comments below and, for those of you who might have stayed home rather than vote for Romney, I have two burning questions. Do you really think, now that you've had nearly two years to evaluate, that Romney would have been as bad for America as the Kenyan Pretender, Barack Hussein Obama? At least I can say that I didn't vote for Obama, but you, by staying home on election day, did vote for him. Are you proud of yourself?
That's why I prefaced the idea with "If you believe..." I don't, and I have reservations about some of the other facets of evolution, too.
Wonderful column, and so full of positive advice and optimism. Thank you, Mr. Elder. We should all reflect on the fact that America provides more opportunity for success than any other country in the history of the world, and it knows no color or race, only effort and determination.
I hope you were being sarcastic in posting this. If you believe in that facet of evolution, we all evolved from apes, so the same applies to all humans. America is no more racist than any other nation, and is the only one that ever fought a war to abolish the worst aspect of racism - slavery. Please retract your horrible comments.
Good one, Bob. You must have a farm background.
It does... It's called "cut and paste." Type your comments in a document program like Word or Pages and use the spell checker there first . Then highlight and cut your text and paste it into the text box on the TH site. You'll never misspell REAGAN or HOPPING again. You might want to use lower case, too. Shouting isn't polite.
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Ferguson Vs. New York City

Harold206 Wrote: Dec 05, 2014 4:37 PM
Careful there, Bucko, numbers do lie and so do " facts" lie. The human race (another oxymoron) has shown a marvelous capacity to refresh itself over time and, like "global warming", there are several points of view on your ethnic/religious extinction theory. The Muslims are as busy killing off each other as they are killing off the infidels, maybe more so, and that has to be factored in somewhere. I hate to say it, but there's nothing like a good war to even the odds. Like it or not, one is likely coming. Then we'll revisit your 2.1 theory.
Good column, Michael, but Obama's already on it. I see he is planning some of the same rules for our small businesses.
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