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Can anyone claim that Obama does not want to fundamentally change America? Unfortunately, his changes are so drastic, the Nation will not recover. The progressive left will follow their leader right over the cliff.
They must exist, we have been told by the "progressive left," that those who oppose same sex marriage are extremist and need to be shouted down and marginalized.
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Inequality and the Knock Out Game

Harold179 Wrote: Dec 17, 2013 9:35 AM
The" knockout game" is the latest sign of a culture that is pretty much freefall. The smoke screen of inequality is just to mask the real cause. The teaching of individuality, with no respect for the common good is on display. This is more that evident with the current trend of brutal attacks on complete strangers.
It's not surprising that the progressives that have been in charge of the Nations social programs for decades, has created a new class poor that now span generations. They will never accept the responsibility for this or their role in the debacle that has destroyed many American families.
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