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Video: Biden Gaffe of the Day

Harold15 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 11:17 AM
Yes, Palin is really stupid. She gets ridiculed when she writes 4 or 5 words on her hand to remind herself of what she wishes to say in her speech and speaks for more than an hour without a teleprompter or prepared written speech and her speech is flawless. But Obama is super intelligent. Obama tries to give a speech and his teleprompter breaks down and he can't continue because someone else wrote his speech for him, and because he is unable to read it, he does not know where he stands on any issue because he can't read what someone else wrote. I'll take Palin over Zero and his idiot VP any day.

This feature could easily be a daily installment, but seriously, who wants to monitor Joe Biden's every utterance?  God bless the poor RNC staffer assigned to the 'Slow Joe Gaffewatch' beat.  In any case, this one's an instant classic:

"Not one single day. Not one single day."  

Oh, you.

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