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New Polls: Americans Strongly Oppose Syria Intervention

Harold15 Wrote: Sep 04, 2013 4:58 AM
I don't have much confidence in the TEA Party Republicans. In the last election the TEA Party showed themselves to be just a mouthpiece for the Republicans, saying they'll vote for anyone who has an "R" after their name. Liberal or conservative didn't matter. All they wanted was the right letter behind their name. They'd support Hillary Clinton if she ran as a Republican.

According to a pair of hot-off-the-presses public opinion polls, the American people are deeply skeptical of any additional US intervention in Syria's bloody civil war.  First up are the new numbers from ABC News and the Washington Post.  Note the bipartisan nature of the data on airstrikes; opposition levels among Republicans (43/55) and Democrats (42/54) are practically indistinguishable, with independents leading the way:    




Support for airstrikes rises to 46 percent -- with a slim majority still...