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We should all be screaming for a criminal prosecution of Rep. Cummings on his "illegal acquirement of confidential governmental documents/information for the purpose of illegal use" !!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, but that would be racist! At least, that's what they'd be yelling, and the emasculated Republicans would back off at warp speed.
Democrats know they can not win an honest election so they don't like organizations who are out to prevent voter fraud. Democrat = Corruption . It was Democrats who coined the phrase "Vote early and often."
Feminists hate the idea that women might prefer careers that are traditionally female. I remember several years ago on a "Take your daughter to work day" feminists were upset when they asked one little girl what she wanted to be when she grew up. These b**ches lauded the fact that women should be free to choose any occupation they want. Anyway, the little girl responded that she wanted to be a secretary like her mommy. The feminists said they were going to take the girl aside later and have a talk with her and set her straight. These same b**ches demanded that all the men who brought their sons to work be fired. The fact that the men who brought their sons to work did not have any daughters didn't matter to them. They demanded the be men fired. I hate feminists. I have no respect for them. They claim to be independent women but aren't. They have to be told what phrases to use and which they are not allowed to use. I have never met a truly independent woman who identified herself as feminist, though many feminists claim to be independent, but aren't.
They do. Only their form of birth control is abortion. Recently, some Democrats have advocated that abortion should be allowed up to a year after the baby has been born. Feminists have advocated that it should be allowed up to three years after the baby has been born. Oh, but that's not killing. Oh, no!
I never thought I'd see the day when people were proud of committing murder.
They have minds? Who knew?
If Biden has one, I don't believe his brain is connect to his mouth.
Once again, PETA is showing what a bunch of nut jobs they are.
How true. The only time I was ever on unemployment was after leaving the army in the early 70's During that time I only half-heartedly looked for a job. I became concerned when my benefits were coming to an end. Then they were extended. However, I decided I'd better find a job because I doubted whether there would be another extension. I found a minimum wage job (I was willing to take anything I could get) that paid $2.65 an hour. What was pathetic about that was, working 40 hours a week, I was still eligible to get $7 a week of unemployment,. After about a month, I stopped sending in my cards.
No, the party does. They anoint a candidate and the sheep say "Okay, I'll support him."
Cruz is not eligible and, therefore, I would not vote for him.
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