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Braley must be getting desperate.
Another member of the brain dead media demonstrates what a brain dead moron she is. She's perfect for the Joseph Goebbels Network.
She would never apologize. That would mean she made some sort of mistake and people on the left never make mistakes. If they do, it's someone else's fault. So, she won't apologize because if she screwed up, it was someone else's fault and it is they who should apologize, not her.
Unfortunately, even scumbag POS's like her have fans and groupies who will support her no matter what she says or does.
To use a term from Red Skelton, "She's mentally desufficient.,"
She's a fine example of the low class, no class of the left.
Honesty is not compatible with liberalism/progressivism.
Hate from a member of one of the worst, if not the worst, hate groups in the country, the Democrat party. No surprise her.
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Charlie Crist's Secret Weapon: Joe Biden

Harold15 Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 11:47 AM
Crist is an idiot to have Joe Biden campaign for him. I wonder how many time Biden will make a fool of himself in making a speech. The seems to be something that moron can't help but do.
Anyone with integrity and ethics would return and undeserved award. Obama has no integrity or ethics.
I prefer calling them brain dead media. They just report what they are told to report and do not think for themselves. They're all just brain dead.
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