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Obama's upset. Well boohoo. I'm ecstatic about anything that upsets him.
Was that the one where Obamaclone agreed with everything Obama said?
When did she ever look attractive? I've seen video of her when she was in her twenties. She was ugly even then. Billy boy sure doesn't very good taste if he married her.
The only way this ugly witch might win a debate would be if she knew the questions ahead of time and was allowed to prepare her answers in advance. Also, she'd demand the debates be Hillary friendly. Remember, the Clinton's never have townhall meetings or other such events unless the audience are friendly and any questions asked are screened ahead of time.
If this guy is found guilty, I hope he gets the harshest punishment possible, and I hope the piece of human excrement living in the White House doesn't pardon him.
I'm sure Zero is very concerned about the violence in the Ukraine. His concern being that not more people were killed.
I'll bet McAuliMcAuis livid over this. "What? They dared to oppose me?"
According to brain dead Howard Dean, the Republican party is made up solely of white males. No females and no minorities.
Which is one of many reasons why the idiots who run the patty will not support him.
As a Catholic myself, I've never criticized any pop until. This guy is clearly a Marxist and even uses some of the same rhetoric as Obama. I believe he is trying to do to the church what Obama is trying,g to do to this country, destroy it.
His big claim to fame is thAT once worked for the Clinton's. If not for that, he'd be an unknown working in whatever hick town he came from.
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