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When is an investigation going to be launched regarding Holder and Obama's corruption?
The police chief just put a target on Ferguson's back. If Ferguson is killed, the police chief should be held criminally responsible.
Neither am I. Have you ever watched any of those police video shows? The cops can't seem to his the broad side of a barn even if they were in the barn. On one show, I saw a cop who was about 4 feet away from the guy he was shooting at. He emptied his clip and hit the guy only 4 times. I've seen other times when a cop was just as close and missed his target completely. It seems, from these police video shows, that when cops start shooting they close their eyes when they pull the trigger and hope they hit something.
When it comes to MSNBC, the Joseph Goebbels Network, if they reported something I knew to be true, I would not believe them. They have no credibility any more than their god and messiah Obama has.
Democrat consider the entire Constitution to be an illegal document. Unfortunately, a lot of Republicans are right there with them.
He's not only NOT a real conservative, I believe he is a closet Democrat like McCain.
Christie's probably in a bathhouse somewhere with his buddy Obama.
Of course! The liberal mentality is that the scumbags who commit the crimes are the real victims and their victims are the real criminals.
Obama does just the opposite. Whenever there is a crisis, Obama decides it's time to take a vacation and he takes off. Then he'll claim he knew nothing about it until he read about it in the news.
They aren't worth our respect. I long ago lost respect for ALL politicians. They are all just a bunch of low-life scumbags. Neither party is worth a damn.
I used to work in a place where I had to deal with people who spoke all kinds of languages. They'd come up to me and ask me something in their language. I'd ask them to speak English. They'd respond, "No English." I turned and walked away. If they live in this country they should learn the language. If not, I'm not going to help them, even if it is my job. I'm old enough to remember when, in order to become a US citizen, you had to be able to speak English. Political correctness changed that. Just one more step in the America-hating left's attempt to destroy this country.
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