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Maybe that woman is a ventriloquist and DWS is her dummy.
Provided she knows how to read. You know how poorly educated the left is, don't you?
Video: DWS Struggles to Name One Competitive Senate Race Obama Has Campaigned In Hell, why doesn't she just do what libs always do? Just make something up. The attitude of the left is if they say something it's true, even when proven to be a lie.
De Blasio’s Warning: 'Do Not Hesitate to Call 911 if You Have Symptoms' Considering what a socialist this POS is, report you have Ebola symptoms and he'll probably throw you in jail for endangering others.
The voting in Illinois should be invalidated until the "error" can be fixed. This is out and out fraud. But then, Democrats and liberals know it is the only way they can win election. There is no way in hell they can win an honest election.
Since TH does not enforce their own rules regarding off topic postings, I've come to believe that TH is being paid to let these spamming scams be posted.
A GOP-led Congress should pursue all means possible to repeal Obamacare.... Yes, they should, but they won't.
We won't close our borders because that would be a step in keeping our country safe, something Obama does not want to do. He wants us vulnerable to attacks by our enemies. Keeping his oath of office and defending and protecting this country is not a part of his agenda.
You don't really think those eunuchs in the GOP are really going to do anything, do you?
Report: WH Lied About Releasing Illegal Immigrants Charged With Violent Crimes ReallY? Lies coming from the Obama regime? Who would have thought of such a thing. Shocking! NOT!
Yet, Democrats have the audacity to claim there is no voter fraud. Voter fraud is the only way they can win election. Democrats are probably the most corrupt political party in the world.
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