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I wonder how accurate this poll is. I suspect the numbers are fabricated in favor of the Muslims. England seems to be in sympathy with terrorists and do not want to PO them, just like many other European countries. Cowards all.
The American government, going back as far as Daddy Bush, has started becoming more and more anti-Israel. With Obama, it has pretty much peaked. He doesn't even try to hide it any more. The American people, at least the majority of them, have steadfastly remained pro-Israel. Most of Obama's supporters follow his lead in his hatred of Israel, and, this includes American Jews who continue to support Obama.
Lie, cheat, steal AND kill.
Once more, Barack Hussein Obama shows whose side he is on and it is not America's. This worthless POS is an unregistered foreign agent, operating out in the open and no one is willing to do anything about it. It clearly sends the message that our government and the people running it are also aiding and abetting our country's enemies. We have a bunch of traitors running our government.
When is Karl Rove going to get it through his thick skull that no one gives a damn about his opinion. He is irrelevant.
So, when are they going to get rid of ladyboy Chris Matthews and that thing that calls itself Rachel Maddow?
Obama is right. His criminal regime is not at war with Islamic Arabs. They are at war with the American people.
I think Rubio should plan on running for reelection of his senate seat. I doubt he has a chance to get elected president. I'd never vote for him.
I'm not surprised that the left, especially and black person would call it racist to want to enforce our nation's laws. Most black people I know do not believe in obeying the law.
What recovery? I have not seen any evidence there is an economic recovery. Oh, I know. There is an economic recovery because Obama says there is and his worshiper believe him.
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Jeb on Bush Brand: "I'm My Own Man"

Harold15 Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 8:03 PM
He's still a Bush and we don't need any more Bushes.
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