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If Mr Heinz is so worried about climate change, why doesn't he keep his mouth shut and stop spewing all that hot air?
The only point brain dead Boehner has is the one at the top of his head.
Did you leave the party or, did the party leave you? The latter is why I am no longer a Republican but am an Independent. The GOP stands for nothing!
Support the GOP and you are supporting the Democrats since the Republicans have become the obedient serfs of the Democrats. They are all one party. I'm proud to say I support neither party and never will until they start doing things FOR the country instead to doing things AGAINST the country as they are all doing now.
Does this mean that if this goes through, any Republican who doesn't help the establishment Republicans help the Democrats destroy this country they will be punished?
Is the lady boy who currently occupies the White House becoming paranoid?
Why is this news? It's a known fact that Democrats do not consider Muslim terrorists like ISIS to be our enemies. Democrats consider this country's biggest enemy to be the American people. So, why should she attend a hearing on ISIS, whom the Democrats consider to be friends.
So, now, Biden's in charge of the Iraq war. Does this mean Obama will no longer blame everything on Bush. On, of course not. When brain dead Biden screws up, Obama will blame Bush.
The GOP, as I've said many times before, has become the serf branch of the Democrat party, obeying their Democrat masters.
I'd say it's further proof that the sh** for brains politicians who run this country fully support our enemies and are themselves our enemies.
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