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I'd be willing to bet that those getting their discharges overseas will also be told they have to pay their own way home. The military (US Government) won't pay to get them home. Once they are informed that they are no longer in the military they'll be on their own.
Just as lesbians are anti-male, male homosexuals have a tendency to be anti-female. Obama is a homosexual. So, I'd say the answer is yes.
Obama not interested in photo ops? Since when? That's all he is interested in, as long as they make this POS look good. A photo op on the borders, however, would show what a POS he really is.
You must remember the liberal mindset. If you are a liberal and intended to do something but failed, then you were successful, because it's the intent that counts. Davis is running and intended to win so she did. She was successful.
The would be the right, and decent thing to do. However, the government, and politicians, don't do right and decent.
This is one SOB that should not just be impeached but executed for his crimes against America.
"...if He Wanted" Those are the key words. The problem is, he doesn't want to. He thinks that any crisis is to his advantage. He's nothing but a low-life POS.
Phony scandals. In other words, this POS is saying they never happened. Benghazi never happened. IRS never targeted conservatives
I'm assuming this does not allow people to protest on the property of the clinics, since that would be private property. Protesters have no right going on private property. Having said that, this was a good ruling. Unfortunately, though, it won't stop the murdering of helpless babies since people who support abortions say it is not killing. However, if you say to one of them that their mother should have had an abortion, they'll accuse you of threatening their life.
They can but will they? I won't hold my breath.
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