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Actually, the Marxists will call it a success and proof that marxism works.
He wouldn't do that. It might mean cutting his salary.
Joe Biden should never open his mouth and speak. Whenever he does, he demonstrates just how stupid and ignorant he is. The chair I'm sitting in is more intelligent than he is.
You're right. All people care about is what latter is after a candidate's name. I firmly believe that a lot of so-called conservatives would even vote for Hillary Clinton is she ran as a Republican. I know the TEA Party would support her. In 2012 they stated they'd support any candidate that had an "R" after his name. Nothing else mattered.
They probably will. After all, Florida voters were too stupid to know how to punch the butterfly ballots in the 2000 election. We used to use them here in Washington state and had no problems with them.
You're right. He'd probably also claim he was always gay if all homosexuals said they'd support him.
Charlie Crist: C'mon Guys, I've Always Been a Democrat ----------------------------------------------------------------------- That's true. Even when he ran for office as a Republican. It's an example of how dishonest Democrats are.
Obamaclone Romney tops my list of "Republicans" that I will not vote for.
GAO: Yes, Obama's Taliban/Bergdahl Exchange Was Illegal ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- And, what will be done about it? Not a damn thing. Obama is free to do whatever he pleases. Neither party will do anything to oppose him. The GOP may pretend to oppose him, but it is just lip service. Like the Democrats, the GOP worship at the altar of their god and messiah Obama.
When is an investigation going to be launched regarding Holder and Obama's corruption?
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