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Boehner on Obama Tax Plan: "You Can't Be Serious"

Harold15 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 4:59 AM
That's because, according to the libs, Colonel West is a conservative, therefore he is not a true black man. And then there is what Howard Dean said when he was DNC chairman and later repeated by Tingles Matthews on MSNBC a few days later, that the Republican party is make up solely of white males. In other words, there are no women or minorities in the Republican party. Therefore, I guess that any woman or minority who identifies themselves as either Republican or conservative automatically have their sex and/or race changed to white male.
The Obama Administration proposal to fix the "fiscal cliff" coming at the end of the year called for $1.6 trillion in tax hikes over current policy. House Speaker John Boehner said he was "flabbergasted" when presented with the proposal this week.

Boehner tells "Fox News Sunday" that after Geithner briefed him privately on Thursday, he looked at Geithner and said, "You can't be serious." Boehner called it "silliness" that the White House was, among other things, asking Congress to give up its power to set the nation's debt limit.

Earlier today, Geithner insisted that the Obama...