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Whew. It's cliché, but you just can't make this stuff up.
Israel only occupies the Golan Heights. They should populate it. Make it part of Israel proper. Formerly part of Syria, lost in either the 1967 war, or Yom Kipper in 1973, now with 40 or so Israeli settlements. Israel has been condemned by the UN continuously for occupying the region. Pffftt...hope all the jews heading to Israel set up camp there, and move on into Sinai.
Good. Israel should now institute a policy to sweep Gaza clean of all Palestinians, to make room for their new citizens. Just bulldoze, bomb, whatever you must do to clear every bit of vermin from the land, and open it to the new arrivals. Maybe Hamas will understand that kind of message. Nothing else has ever seemed to work. Then go take back the Golan Heights, Sinai, ect. Just for starters....
Ugh...why are sooo many of these liberal democratic women just so godamn butt-ugly? Didn't anyone teach them about makeup or hairstyles when they were growing up? I mean look at this bunch. DWS, Elizabeth Warren, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer...the list of of total ugliness just goes on and on with them. Yuck! The DNC must have a requirement in their party policies that for a female to become a member, they must first be beaten by the worlds biggest ugly stick. Ugh! How can one eat their lunch when pictures of these women are posted? *cough...barf,,,cough...!"
I like the one where they show that bumper stickers symbols being slashed in two by a muslim sword. That says it all.
Israel should form a new unit, train them, send them to France, and take the bastards out, just like they did the Nazi's in South America. If they were willing to do that, I'll pay for the bullets.
That's right! Just you remember pri*k, there were American children in the Twin Towers. What goes around,comes around.
Hey, when you've got to get rid of vermin on a large scale, neutron bombs are just the ticket. Maybe more than 4 though. Gaza is bigger than you might think...
Don't forget Mohammed's 10 year old wives. Can you say, "pedophile"? That's their "prophet"? LOL! How disgusting can you be?
Hey Habib, pass me some popcorn...the show has just begun!
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