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Is this "Cognitive Dissonance" the same thing as Bill and Hillary using a loophole to dodge and avoid an estate tax they championed while in office?? Just asking...
Netenyahu is on spot. He's absolutley right. Too bad Europe won't listen. Their days are numbered now. They've opened the Pandora's Box of Immigration, and will now pay the price.
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Grimes To Paul: I'll See You In Court

Harold133 Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 8:09 PM
I'm a conservative. Not a republican. Today, there's a huge difference. I own firearms. I believe in God. I work for my family. I will give my blood to defend this country if necessary. But Paul...don't waste ours or your time. I cannot vote for you as president. Stay in your senate seat. You'll do the most good there. I'm not yet certain who is before us I would want in the White House. But it's not you.
Too funny! Hollywood likes to bluster and claim accolades of honor and bravery. Making films that damn mainstream america, the middle class, and our military. But the first time one of them is confronted, actually confronted with those of evil intent, they fold like a cheap suit. LOL! Somebody should nail two shriveled, tiny raisins on that big, blowhard Hollywood sign out in California. That would be a statement of truth not heard in Hollywood for decades. Used to be some tough bastages in those studios out there. Now, it's all Metrosexuals, and Peewee Hermans. Really, nobody is truly surprised. Except maybe Kim and his buddies. They are laughing their ugly hair pieces off over there today. You may not like them much, but they sure showed the world how cowardly and shallow Hollywood truly is.
Relax people. Your not going to tell your doctor if you own firearms. Even if they outlaw firearms, you'll keep yours. You know you will. This BS is just that, BS. Liberals posturing and appointing sh*theads like themselves, to force the common man to "assume the position" and all that. It will never work. See if they can arrest 90million people. Look how scared they are of a few thousand OWS retreads demonstrating and protesting. Their skivvies are so stained right now, they'll need a case of Charmin to wipe their behinds. This guy starts calling for firearms confiscation, and the Sheeit will hit the fan, pronto! Nobody cares what Washington, or the liberals decree, threaten, or try to impose anymore. Just get rid of the Boener's, and the Cruzez as a follow up to the last election, and start voting in people who enforce The Constitution. Period.
LOL, my doctor owns 3 times as many firearms as I do. And he hunts every season. Remember, Doctors are people too. You've got plenty that disagree with this BS. My doc asked me once if I owned an M1 or M1a. I asked him why that question, and he said, he'd appreciate it if I took him to the range and let him shoot it. I have an M1 Garand, and he said he has wanted to shoot one his entire life. LOL! You'd be surpised how many doctors carry and own firearms.
The article's premise is the Blue States would likely give in in a few weeks. I do not think so. The arrogance of the liberal elite would probably compel them to use whatever military force they still had, and attack the border between the states, because, as we all know, liberals are the epitome of arrogance and threat...as long as they don't pay the price. You can be sure, few of them will have "skin in the game" in the military confrontation with the Red State. Their own offspring will be safely ensconced in liberal universities, and gated communities far to the east of the border. But...the assault on the Red State will prove disastrous. The Blue forces will be decimated. The Red states will roll in, occupying whatever territory they wish. "Then" they will shut down every resource into the Blue states. And they will dictate what happens next. Not sure what that will be, but total disarmament of what is left of the Blue State nation would be high on my list. Who needs a nation of Deblowhardios and Clintonistas with guns on your longest border. Liberalism would be declared what it truly is, treason, and those who espouse it would be officially declared enemies of the state, and treated as such. An ugly scenario indeed.
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Muslim go BOOM!

Harold133 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 10:04 AM
All you need to know about Islam is what happened on 911. Period.
I live in Mass. If this scenario came about, I'd have everything sold and on the way into Red America within a week. I've already served my time in the military, but another 2 years would be well worth living in a Constitutional Republic again. Just about my entire family would go too. And we are producers. Sadly, this scenario is forming. Just look around if you live in the NE.
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