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Always a lot of talking and comment here. But remember what's important. Never forget these people like Bloomberg. Meninno of Boston. Feinstein, ect. Someday, they will be called to account. Treason and fascism have some nasty consequences. Just ask the Nazis.
Why even respond to this troll? LOL...he/she is only here to waste oxygen...
Why are people so surprised? With the advent of the "gun free zone", gun restrictions on law abiding firearms owners, and the incessant drumbeat of the left to demonize anyone who dares carry an LCC, true walking evil like Adam Lanza, Eric Harris, James Holmes, ect, ect, have a smorgasbord of target rich enviorments to choose from. But the biggie of course is declaring an area a "gun free zone" That is just so laughable on it's face. If your an evil nutcase, and want to shoot a bunch of innocent people, where do you go? Why, where there are no guns to oppose your plan, of course. It's not rocket science. And yet, Obama, Feinstien, Linsky, and the rest of the "disarm all citizens so we can do what we like" adjenda, won't stop hammering that poor nail. Hey, do yourself and our nation a favor. If your on the fence, get the hell off it, go take a firearms safety course, buy yourself a personal weapon, and carry. It's that simple. If you don't, then you leave every door open to the nuts and sociopaths who will see that as surrender. And they do. Exercise your 2nd Amendment right. Carry. Boycot businesses, and institutions that insist on a gun free enviorment. Send your children to colleges and universities that allow armed security on campus. Support and donate to candidates for office that believe you have a right to defend youself, your family and your community.
Just about all of them...
No scincerity there. It's just about the ratings. Much of MSNBC's viewer demographic is minority. And in mocking the Romney's, she and her fellow bigots mock the adoption of black children. There's no apology there. Just a biting fear it will effect her show's ratings. Nothing more.
Spot on Repub. We can't save the world, sorry. After trying for 70 or so years, it's about time we channeled our energies to our own part of it, not some backwater craphole.
Many veterans have seen tyranny up close and personal. They have served in nations where people have been stripped of freedom and dignity, have been murdered for their beliefs, and they understand the importance of standing against such governments. If you know a WWII vet still alive who served in Europe or The Phillipines, ask them what they saw, what they learned. We are on the verge of our own Reich. Media who resist the present regime are ridiculed, and made demagogues, their privacy invaded, reputations destroyed. Lawful citizens have their personal firearms confiscated, their homes invaded, made criminals. The government gives free healthcare, redistributes wealth, liberals demand "correct" thinking in all of lifes aspects. No room for personal belief or independent thinking. All the signs are there. And the beat goes on. We are like Germany in the 1930's. It's all there for anyone who has eyes to see. I doubt you will see Obama vacate The White House in 2016. He likes playing prez way too much. A declaration of Martial Law, and his stooges in DOJ, DHS, ect. will give us our first dictatorship here in America. That old saw is soo true. Those who will not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. All you can do is prepare. A storm is coming...
We had only one reason to go to Aftghanistan. To find, and kill Bin Ladin. We did that. He's dead. So bring the troops home, and let the despots, cultists, and suicide bombers have at each other. If we want to whack one of them, we can always send in a drone from just about anywhere. When Ayman al-Zawahiri rears his ugly head to strut and threaten, and he will, just whack him long distance. No need to involve more troops. So let's get it done, and bring them home. We need them here, not over in some backwater sh*thole like the Middle East.
Look, A&E knew that this family had values and traditions that some would be offended by. I'm sure they knew this moment would actually arrive in their programming, and this decision would manifest itself. This whole deal is between the Robinsons and A&E, not som pantywaist weenie like Morgan. Remember, the more you ignore him, the lower his ratings. Eventually, when nobody, and I mean "NO-BO-DY" will turn the channel to his show, he will dry up and blow away like the simpering little breeze he truly is. He hates The Constitution, he hates our traditions, our freedom, and our culture. That's all you need to know about this pitiful Nancy Girl. Let A&E and the Robinsons decide how to deal with this. Phil has is opinions, and that's part of what makes the show interesting. If you don't like his opinions, flip the channel. Simple.
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"Gun Free Zones Are Murder Magnets"

Harold133 Wrote: Dec 16, 2013 10:16 AM
I know it's easy to slam the liberals here. I.E. LIberal: A person so open minded, their brains have fallen out" Ect. Ect. But the point this article makes can't be dismissed. This is half the problem. When these horror shows decide to kill a bunch of people, do they head for their local police station? No. There are other guns there. Would be a challenge, with very unlikely success. They choose the most vulnerable. Where they know there will be no resistance. They are basically, cowards, and evil. Don't give me that dung about "mental illness" being the main cause of this. There is evil in the world, and it walks with us every day, looking to damage everything we hold dear. These "gun free zones" are a joke. Do you think Bloomberg, Maninno, or Cuomo live in a gun free zone? LOL, of course not. They have people around them at all times, armed to the teeth. So why don't we care enough about our own children to protect them in the same way? When we transfer a large amount of cash from place to place, we protect it with armed guards and a bullet proof vehicle. Our kids don't have the value of that cash? If that's not twisted logic, I don't know what is. But hey, it's liberal logic. 'Nuff said about that.
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