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Of course she's leadership material. She's a former governor. She's run a state, and walked the walk. Sarah Palin would be an awesome president.
Your right there Loass. He probably does. Handing out free goodies to the LIV. Finding new ways to trash The Constitution, and desperatly trying to maintain his relevancy. But there you go. Our most critical ally in the middle east could care less what he thinks, and goes right to the peoples reps. You must be slashing your wrists by now. Remember, a hot bath makes the blood flow faster. Enjoy the bubbles.
"But that isn't the reason he will be denied a warm diplomatic welcome in March" LOL, BS. Just about every american that truly cares about the safety of the US will welcome Netanyahu. We understand, that like him, our enemies simply want us and Israel dead. A common cause to say the least. As for Barry...Screw him, and his mistress Jarett. I'll bet they have a thing going on, and now she's freaking out that he can't influence and stonewall the word that Iran is making moves at her hand against the Homeland, and of course, Israel. Tell them to "p*ss off* Benny. We welcome you. And we will stand with you.
http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Mossad-in-rare-move-denies-it-contradicted-Netanyahu-by-lobbying-against-stiffer-Iran-sanctions-388616 Read it and weep sh*thead.
Don't you just wonder what event or dynamic will be the one that forces Obama to actually come out and announce he's a muslim? He's stated repeatedly, he will stand with the muslims if push comes to shove. Doesn't that tell you anything? Now, his hatred for Netanyahu is so apparent, and clear. His appointment of muslims and Iranian sympathizers to high level postitions in DHS and even his own cabinet? His failure to even say the phrase Islamic Terrorism? Makes you wonder just what it will take for him to come all the way out of the closet. I do love how Bohner declares this isn't a poke in the eye. Of course it is! LOL! And a fun one to watch. Will be interesting to see how far what's left of Obama's core socialists will unravel at this epic slap.
Just another step in making Lois's hero more and more irrelevant.
Forget it Doc. Lois is just here to troll. Pay him/her/it no mind.
Obama will never stand on a stage, or in a line at a rally anywhere near Natanyahu. It's too humiliating for him. He's a skinny little nerd, and Benny is a true warrior. It's like when he's standing with Putin. I despise Putin, and you just know what kind of nasty cretin he is. But when you see him side by side with Barry, you just have to laugh. And you look at them both, your determination of which one is an actual man, there is no doubt. Vlad, Benny, whoever. Obama can't stand being in the same room with anyone of their caliber. Rembember who Barry is. The skinny whimp who would let the other kids stuff his head into a bookbag, or shove him into a locker and slam the door shut. That's our POTUS.
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