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Brick House Obama: 2 For 22

Harold133 Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 8:57 PM
I'm 60, have a sizzling slapshot, can crank one over the plate, and drive one past a 200 yard green. But I can't shoot a basketball worth beets. Prez might have a nice drive and swing too, but we never get to see it. He's definatly not a trap shooter or skeet. Just look at the famous picture of him. That's mighty lousy placement of the shoulder stock. You shoot like that everytime, and sooner or later, the shotgun will crack your collarbone. I've seen it. So maybe he's not wicked on hoops. His sports style is irrelevant. It just sucks he keeps trying to starve the working man out of every bit of life he's got left.

A little video stabilization for your viewing pleasure. I guess CBS was incapable of doing this.

Don't be surprised if Obama cuts back on his golf game to spend more time shooting hoops.

Let the analogy contest begin!