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I've often thought that Beckel's roll on the Five is Devil's Advocate.
And who are bringing up these black men? Answer: Black women! If they had any smarts they would realize they are being used by the men and many times their sons are perpetrators and/or victims of murder. They are left to visit them in prison or in a cemetery. Truly awful.
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NBC to Obama: Your Presidency is Over

Intense Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 12:59 AM
While many Americans apparently needed 5+ years to wake up to the agenda of this destructive man in our WH, please give some of us credit for recognizing that he was unfit to be President from Day One. First we can blame the liberals and the truly know-nothing and prejudiced people who think he is wonderful. What!!! Congress carries plenty of blame also, for the state of the union today. It is an absolute mess, internationally and domestically.
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Our Arrogant President

Intense Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 1:59 AM
You are absolutely right. Focusing on why he is what he is and why he does what he does has been hashed over numerous times. Attentive conservatives know it by heart, and we know that his "loyal" followers agree with him or blindly idolize him. I can't predict how much more damage he can inflict on our country. If there's any way to oust him soon, that will make my day.
Adding to my previous post: Our complacency as a free people has allowed all the branches of our federal and state governments to rule over us in a tyrannical way. WE ARE THE PEOPLE and those of us with brains have to demand and fight for our God-given and Constitutional rights. Otherwise we'll lose them for ourselves and our future generations. That's just weak and wrong.
I assure you, rpm, that many besides yourself do ask these questions. That we all don't post here about it changes nothing. You expressed your opinions but what difference do you really think it will make. It's happening and what is the US doing about it? And do you or any of us have a say in how it will be determined? I think not..
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The Rudeness of Registries

Intense Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 12:07 AM
Many people like the idea of registries to guarantee they buy the "wanted" gift. They prefer to go along with the bad manners associated with it. Yes, it indicates greed, no matter how practical it seems to be. Adults who set up a registry should be way past their Santa Claus phase and the givers have every right to ignore it.
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Marriage and the 'Wrong Side of History'

Intense Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 12:20 AM
I am so glad you pointed out the insults Zealous relies on to defend his/her position. " Morons?" " Dolts?" You have to admire the intelligence that supports the homo agenda. {sarc}
Politicians generally give us reasons not to trust them. We look for those we can believe are honest. At the moment, Trey Gowdy is the one who would get my vote if he were running for president today. I emphasize "today". I can only hope he doesn't disappoint us in the days to come. Good luck, Trey, on the Bengazi hearings. Stay tough!
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