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So says lemon... Forgive me if I'm a bit skeptical of your assertion.
You nailed it! Very nice post.
Forgive me... What's with the lack of capitalization? You make good points but your style is very distracting.
Say what? Please provide evidence.
As a member of the "base", I have to disagree with your conclusion. I assure you they don't always have me and winning the margin while alienating the base is not a sound strategy. It may be that the culture is too far gone for the conservative right to win either way but at least it's better to go down on principle as opposed to pandering.
Natural law can essentially be defined as the tendency of one's head to explode when confronted with objective reality.
I agree whole-heartedly with your conclusions. I don't think the confusion you just described is unique to Mr Goldberg. The whole of the "conservative right" seems to be falling all over themselves to demonstrate their "gay" hipness. It's really disgusting.
Mr Goldberg goes to great lengths to demonstrate his tolerance for the mindset that produced the very atmosphere he is lamenting. You can't have it both ways. Either homosexuality is perverse and better kept in the closet or it's to be celebrated and granted the same legitimacy as heterosexual relationships. Of course the latter is not possible given the obvious incompatibility of homosexuality and natural law.
I second that. It's obviously hard to be informed if you live under a rock. Ignoring reality because of stubborn pride is the epitome of stupidity.
I can personally attest to the truth of this column. My IT contract rates have dropped in real terms by about 50% over the past ten years. This is primarily due to outsourcing and most recently the H1B hordes pouring in from India. I'm seriously considering getting out of the business. I can't compete with the less-is-more (cheap labor high body count equals better product) mentality that has infected the high-tech sector. Given the sorry state into which this country has degenerated, I see no reason to work more than is necessary. The future does not look good.
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