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Arne Duncan's War on Women and Children

harleyone Wrote: Nov 22, 2013 4:49 PM
One of the "Populace".....ME, whole heartedly agrees! If, in fact as jr says, women and minorities have been drinking from the lib kool aid, they have no one but themselves to blame for their own chosen predicament. On the other hand if what jr says is not true then WHY in heaven's name have they continued to drink the kool aid? Context; I'm an >60, professional, woman.
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Saving the Motor City

harleyone Wrote: Nov 05, 2013 1:01 AM
Unfortunately the same lib mentality that got Detroit in this dire strait are also in charge of making the hard choices that could save it. Taking from the haves not working hard, enduring some tough times is the only way a lib knows . Don't give them a dime.
sorry bout that.......those who question irresponsibility "boo birds"? Responded well? She didn't respond to much at all. Sad you can't see the reality
You call holding those responsible for monumental failures "piling on"? You call those who question
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Who Shut Down the Government?

harleyone Wrote: Oct 05, 2013 6:04 PM
You must have read the whole article. What about it didn't you understand? We The People do not want BO's boondoggle. For once the House is paying attention and voted to not fund it, which is their job. The Senate then refused to vote for the money because they "didn't get their way". Reid, Obama have both point blank refused to negotiate. The ball is still in play, it's in Reid's court and he's diddling. I bet CNN/MSNBC/ABC etc "News" didn't give you that side.
No Jim what he IS saying is these men epitomize the real American spirit, the can do spirit, the do the right thing spirit, the FREEDOM spirit. And you know what Jim these guys WOULD revolt, just as the old/young/male/female patriots did during the Revolution if it becomes necessary. I for one will be right there with them, as will millions and millions of Americans who are fed up, sick to heart at the direction Ob is taking this country,
Can you back up any of your ideologically constipated statements? The Dems/Obama has stated publically they refuse to negotiate, who then is "delay(ing) progress"? Both parties are corrupt, moot point. Destroying America??? Look again at the facts, the unemployment, deficit, spending, standing on the world stage, failures in major cities, etc, etc, etc. Which Constituitional rights has the Right taken? Would that be 2nd Amendment rights? Jefferson very astutely did say not to trust gov't, you have noticed the gov't is run by Dems didn't you? Why are you blaming the mess on the Repubs? Dear your ideological constipation has clouded your ability to reason and use your God given, and yet to be taken by the gov't, common sense. Oh and a comment on the greedy health care industry. I work in health care and can tell you costs would drop dramatically if not for the interference, restrictions, mandates etc, from the GOVT.
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