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As retired military you go anywhere you want to go as far as I'm concerned. You heros have earned the right. Thank you for your service.
For that you can thank the gubmint for it's mindless intrusion into the healthcare business, the old law of unintended consequences that libs never seem to understand. Also I've got to mention the staff in ER's are highly trained, capable of rapidly responding to any and all emergencies. I know I've been an ER RN for 35 yrs. Many people complain about the cost but complain after we've rapidly and expertly started your IV's for life saving blood transfusions, plugged your leaking holes and stablized you for the OR, and held your hand and your wifes. They pay me well because I do a good job. You pay for what you get. If someone chooses to go to the ER with their sniffles and ends up paying a lot, that's their poor choice not ours.
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Recommitting to an America that Works

harleyone Wrote: Apr 28, 2014 2:04 PM
In our current political climate we can't afford to be one issue voters. Now if you oppose Santorum's position on same sex marriage, which I do, do you also oppose his pro-life stance, his opposition to judicial over-reach, his support for our allies, his opposition to Islamo-fascist terrorism, his opposition to unfettered immigration, support for English only, or kids being taught all the information when it comes to intelligent design.
So the Mooch should "fly on (her) own dime"? I'm all for that. I wonder how many other luxurious vacas are on her bucket list for herself and the mooch-mother-in-law.
SHELIA JACKSON LEE in COACH!!!! NEVER going to happen. This pampered self indulgent moron would stop flying first.
I guess this only applies to Attorneys General not the peasants, cause there are a whole lot of laws I wouldn't be complying with. Can you imagine our country has fallen so far there are 3 definite class structures each with rules and laws that only apply to them.
So lets get our states to make EBT cards only usable in the state in which they are issued.
"embarrassing for the individuals who chose to use the funds so poorly." People on the public dole wouldn't know they should feel embarrassment for this outrageous behavior. I would bet most feel it is their due; they are entitled.
Ahhh the oft neglected recognition of the "law of unintended consequences"; which progs refused to understand.
So with all the evidence that BHO's socialist policies are unworkable, have NEVER worked when attempted throughout history you think it is the conservative views of the likes of George Will that have brought us to "the brink of catastrophe"?
Pretty pessimistic de. I choose to believe and actually see that more and more of the "sheeple" ARE waking up and more and more of the negative effects of liberalism hits more and more of us. Look around EVERYWHERE is some sort of nonsense, the kid arrested for having fish hooks, the shootings in no gun zones, the dismal educational experiences our kids are having on and on and infinitum. We The People ARE coming around and looking for news outlets who give us the truth, we know the MSM won't. We do need to unify more though. Rather than harp on something one considers silly that Rush or Hannity say, how about we harp on the lies from BHO, the "what difference does it make" for her Hillaryness, the antics of Lois Lerner yadda yadda yadda.
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