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Well Kirkie, perhaps you can explain why Hamas, al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are all rooting for the "Democrats"! Oh & shouldn't leave out the Southern Poverty Liar Center...
Ah ... the KKK proudly founded by Democrats
According to news report the man was charged with robbery, theft of a firearm, felon in possession of a firearm, falsifying physical evidence and violation of bail. - Seems to have been a good arrest. It also appears that the firearm was innocent of any illegal activity.
..And until we learn more about the incident we won't know if this was a good thing or a bad thing on the part of either party!
A lot of math done in attempt to balance various studies/surveys regarding defensive gun useage by civilians indicates that up to 1 million civilians use a gun to prevent crime each year. That adds up to 2,740 defensive gun uses per day. This is a reasonably approximate figure based on statistics provided by the National Crime Victimization Survey vs the study done by Kleck & Getz.
Got to admit, Obama's "Truth Team" ad is some wicked slick! Slick as Satan!
Finally - Oath Keepers vs Oath Breakers! Go Seals!
Nancy is just measuring others with her yardstick.
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