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The Attack of the Global Warming Islamist

Harlandaily Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 8:13 AM
High IQ is rare if actually never a bed fellow of Common Sense. BTW ; The name HootervilleFollies is not on both Mensa and the Triple Nine Society list. .Bye bye wannabee !

Undocumented Intelligence wrote: Ransom wants to make climate change concern all about being liberal. Actually, it's all about being rational and not blinded–as Ransom is--by an ideology that is highly inconvenienced by an overwhelming body of expert scientific evidence. -Combat Global Warming: Be Gay for a Day

Dear Comrade Undoc,

Please note that the Ransom Style Book will no longer recognize the phrase Hooverville Follies. Just as the Associated Press has axed the term Illegal Immigrant, we have replaced the term Hooverville Follies with a more apt phrase: Undocumented Intelligence.  Thank you.

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