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Obama Job Approval: "What? Are You Nuts?"

Harlandaily Wrote: Jun 01, 2012 7:51 AM
"The people in this country are ______ too stupid to live". They elected this ObamaNation all the while being told it was a foreign born Islamic masquerading as a Black Christian. Well the MorTards wanted change so thats what they will have left....a few nickels made of wood !

The nation is adrift between two confidences. Confidence in what the Obama administration wants you to believe, reported as truth by their sycophants in the media, and reality.

For example on May 20 when the Consumer Sentiment index was released by Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan the media was happier than wood peckers in a lumber yard.

Headlines screamed ‘confidence is back’ as found at Bloomberg: Consumer Sentiment Climbs To Highest Since 2007. Across the nation the purported good news was blathered by every liberal talking head playing news reporter.

Quoting Bloomberg: “ A record number of...