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The Axis of Liberalism Marches to Re-elect Obama

Hard Thought Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 10:26 AM
Anybody that gets political advice from someone who makes a living pretending to be somebody else needs to have their head examined. Just because somebody is good at make believe doesn't make them a sage political advisor.
"I just thought it's too difficult. And you're not going to like this, but my gut feeling is that all the media is against George, Republicans, any Republican." -- Former first lady Barbara Bush, who said she was surprised when her son won the presidency in 2000.

The Axis of Liberalism -- the other AOL -- is the media, academia and Hollywood.

First, the media.

About reporters' reaction to the 2008 Obama campaign, Joan Walsh, editor of the left-wing, said, "I was struck, when I got to Iowa and New Hampshire in January, by how our media colleagues were just...