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There are three types of degrees, (mine is in engineering) and they are each typified by one question: 1. Science degrees: Why does it work? 2. Engineering degrees: How does it work? 3. Liberal Arts degrees: You want fries with that? Women studies are liberal arts degrees.
The full quote."Just as important, Assault and Flattery gives specific examples of how hypocritical the left is and where Democrat leaders like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are actually the ones most guilty of limiting the role of women in society by treating them as sex-crazed sluts in urgent need of free birth control and government-subsidized abortions."
No conservative (I'm Libertarian and a strong Constitutional Constructionist) criticizes women that aren't "home making babies". Please cite examples. Ms. Hughes used the term "sex crazed sluts" to describe how Socialist/Progressive/Liberal/Democrat/Fascists paint women so that the government can take care of them. I think you are being willingly obtuse to ignore this.
This is simply an egregious misstatement. No one is saying do away with birth control methods that do not harm a fertilized egg. Four covered methods do. You bring up ED medication and its' coverage under insurance plans subsidized by the government but fail to mention all of the hormonal therapies that increase desire and responsiveness in women and are covered by insurance. Bringing up ED medication, failing to mention hormone therapy and trying to conflate that with birth control is simply disingenuous and trying to set up a straw man.
You are right. When a woman is receiving Aid to Dependent Children and SNAP if she gets married most of that goes away. Look at the premium for Obamacare insurance for a single person making poverty level wages of $20,000. Let her marry a person making $30,000. Now look at the premiums for a family of two making $50k. (Do that research yourself) It is a huge disincentive to marry.
Nope. Viagra does not eliminate fertilized eggs. The four out of twenty procedures or medications objected to by Hobby Lobby do. You knew that, but you don't care. Nobody had their access to birth control denied. If theses four medications/devices are so important they can be purchased on the free market.
Really? Cite that article, please. Date of publication and byline of reporter. Then google Georges Sada, yellowcake, Iraq and the sale of yellowcake from Iraq to Canada. And get another glass of koolaid while you're up.
Yep, sky is still there. My doctor isn't. My low copayment isn't. My quality of care isn't But the sky is.
If you look closely the decision was to not force closely held corporations to provide funding for abortifacients and technique that prohibit implanting fertilized eggs in the placenta. Birth control pills are just hormone treatments and can still put on those plans. Pro life just won a big victory.
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World War One's Next Phase?

Hard Thought Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 4:00 PM
The obvious solution is to test some of our nuclear arsenal over there, just to prove it still works. ;-)
To walk this back a little bit..... The Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United vs FEC case that free speech included the right to donate, by corporations AND unions, to whatever political cause they saw fit and that to limit one side required a limit on the other. So no limits were enacted. (P)resident Obama then chastised the Supreme Court in a State of the Union address. (Look it up). Obama then went on a campaign/reelection tour and on many, many occasions stated that there needed to be legal actions to reign in PAC's, tax exempt organizations and corporations. He specifically failed to mention unions. The IRS, being a bureaucracy that depends on funding from the administration saw these messages and acted on them. Was there direct collusion? We may never know. Was there exhortations to act? Was there pressure for the IRS to act? Was there coordination between the IRS and the DOJ and Elijah Cummings? Yes, of these things there is no doubt. The IRS is now political. It now enforces law depending on whom is in charge and looks for ways to limit political opponents. That is what this scandal is about, punishing ones political enemies through their checkbooks. If you want to bar corporations, owned by stockholders, from contributing to political causes then you must also bar unions, run by their members, from doing the same.
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