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Head of the IRS was here a lot, but I never talked to him! Meaning that "He picked up his instructions and left."
Is it only me that remembers that Robin Hood stole from the government protected church and sheriff to give the money back to the taxpayers?
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Soros Trolls Hit Bottom of Barrel

Hard Thought Wrote: Feb 02, 2014 10:00 AM
In 2008 Iraq sold 500 metric tonnes of yellowcake uranium to Canada. Where did that come from? Why was it there? It came from Nigeria and was for use to develop an A-Bomb at al-Tuwaitha.
A gamete is a sperm or an egg. A zygote is the fusion of those two items. When an adult zygote is killed it is called murder. What difference does a zygote's make?
There numerous arguments for decriminalize tigon of drugs, ALL drugs. 1. Organized crime will not be involved because it is now legal. If there enterprises decriminalize, they now become taxpayers. 2. Legitimizing the drugs and placing them under oversight ensures purity and reduces overdoses which reduces emergency room costs. 3. Prisons can concentrate on hardcore criminals and not drug users. There are too many others to go into, now. Refute those three, logically, succinctly and no ideologically and we can continue.
The need for public service unions cause contracts to be written tying union wages to the minimum wage. That's right. That unionized electrician at $25 (or more) per hour has his wage tied to the minimum wage. In other words, when the minimum wage goes up by $2 his salary goes to $27 an hour. That is why unions want the minimum wage raised and Democrats are quick to respond. It is just another way to bilk the public.
As a retired 19d Scout sniper, I understand we can never explain to a civilian why we do what we do. They have no right to criticize until they have walked that path themselves.
Discovering Communism as a youth always comes as such a surprise to discover as to how the world could ever miss these ideas. And then they grow up and find out it doesn't work. It is kind of like the young discovering sex as if they are the first and then realizing their parents enjoyed it, too. Then they have really bad visions going through their heads. Communism doesn't work. There are always people scamming the system to get more than they put in and humanity is not perfectable. (I posted this on NRO, too)
5,000,000 cancelled policies so far. Healthcare net plans replacing yours that don't include your doctor, hospital of choice and raise your deductible. Forty plus bills that passed the House to fix this monster and were tabled by Senate Democants. What more do you need?
Wonderful quote on a delightful story. The nicer part of the story was that dueling was allowed and Verkan Vall killed all three in personal duels, a concept that would cause a lot of busybody leftists today to reconsider their "pronouncements".
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The Year In Stupid

Hard Thought Wrote: Dec 29, 2013 12:22 PM
If you like your Democrat Senator, you can keep them. If not, you know waft to do. Send the Democants home
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