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Islamic Exceptionalism

hardrockstar Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 8:40 PM
What is Bozell arguing here? I don't get it. Would he be in favor of taking this opportunity to glorify the right of the filmaker to offend Islam? Isn't America great? We can say whatever we want. Or is his point that we should have censored Art that was offensive to some christians here at home? The Position taken by the administration (that the film in no way reflects U.S. goverment policy and is protected by the constitution despite sentiment that it is offensive) is the ONLY sensible stance.
Polly1 Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 1:13 PM
Don't you think all that football-spiking during the Democratic convention, bragging about how Obama killed Osama, might have been a tad offensive to Osama's followers, too?
AppraisHer Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 11:15 PM
Barry's continued apologizing and appeasing the perpetually insulted by explaining anything that we do that's legal in the US are the only "speech that is deliberately tailored to put lives and property at immediate risk" to quote NPR's Paris Bureau Chief. His kowtowing to a bunch of cult practicing savages and his bowing in respect to leaders that promote extremist Wahabi hate is what put American lives at risk. Barry the frightened little bamboozler was out-muslimed by a group of 7th century cretims. Time to get some adults in charge, because 4 more years of Barry bowing and apologizing and we'll all be dead...or praying to mecca .
The "enlightened" who claim a firm grip on the steering wheel of Western civilization see the future through a lens in which man becomes ever more perfectible as outdated religious creeds fade away. And thus the irony. For all the contempt these cosmopolitans show for religion, there is one faith beyond public rebuke. Call it Islamic exceptionalism.

Public Enemy No. 1 right now is the man who made a ridiculously shoddy YouTube video titled "The Innocence of Muslims." This man and his so-called "film" have been blamed with a very broad brush for every riot and protest across the Mideast.