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Unions Furious: Michigan to Become Right-to-Work State Today

Hardrock Lausanne Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 2:13 PM
I don't mind paying more for a product that I know was manufactured by someone with healthcare, vacations, a pension, and a decent wage. I feel that that is a fair exchange for my money. It makes me sad that you do not care for your fellow man similarly. And yes, all of what you are saying is pro-corp. Again, an odd position to try and defend.

The vote to turn Michigan into a right-to-work state will take place today after days of protests in Lansing about the pro-worker legislation that prevents having to pay dues to a union. Not surprisingly, local police are bracing for possible violence today as more protests are planned.

Even with the outcome considered a foregone conclusion, the heated battle over right-to-work legislation in the traditional union bastion of Michigan shows no sign of cooling.

Authorities in Lansing were bracing for an onslaught of demonstrators Tuesday at the Michigan Capitol as the Legislature reconvenes for...