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By zombies, do you mean Christ? Then the answer is no. Why would anyone believe that a person can rise from the dead and fly?
Really? Started in ancient Babylon as the fertility celebration of Ishtar, which itself comes out of a far more ancient pagan celebration of the changing of the seasons (as most of our holidays originated). It's about themes of resurrections, new beginnings, and fecundity - both in terms of agricultural harvest and human reproduction.
Because he's not a fantasy character and people do not rise from the dead.......unless they are zombies.
How do you know that liberals don't know the Bible? What about secular Bible scholars? Historians? Philosophy students? Perhaps their knowledge of it is more nuanced because it is an objective viewpoint. At least the religiously-interested liberals I know view Christianity on the same grounds that they view Buddhism, Confucianism, or Meso-American cult religions - all are theological frameworks for coping with the difficulties of empirical existence and all are of equal personal and cultural value. It's too bad that some Christians have established a hierarchy ONLY because the Book tells them so.
Huh?! Who cares?! Easter is more than JUST a Christian holiday.
Want a pipeline, huh? "A pipeline carrying crude oil from tar sands in Canada ruptured Friday in the small Arkansas town of Mayflower, forcing the evacuation of 22 homes. The Pegasus pipeline, owned by Exxon, spilled almost 10,000 barrels of oil into a development."
What does this mean: "so explain why so many of you homos attract religion and persons of faith simply because they oppose your perversions". Are you asking why there are so many closeted conservatives? I have no idea; you'd need to ask one. Also, I am not gay. I think that's important to address here. If I were gay I would tell you. I have nothing holding me back. No book to control me with guilt.
As a social organism, do you not listen to the things that you hear in church, the things friends tell you, the odd things that the tv tells you, the strange things that am talk radio tells you? Are you implying that ALL of your opinions were sui generous and created in a vacuum with no external influence? Is that what you're telling me? That you have crafted your entire frame through which you view your empirical reality in complete isolation? And yes, the LGBTQ community is its own social group with specialized cultural behaviors, language, fashion, temporalities and geographic locations. They are a social group. One you have targeted.
Dear PPOTTS: I don't recall ever saying that "criticism" was ever forwarded by the ten commandments, I was simply using that as an example to make a bigger point about how nature tends toward regulation. Now, with regard to your other critique, I think that it is fine and acceptable to view the various life paths people take as equally valid. Can you explain why this is wrong? Naturally I am not including lifestyles that are dangerous/hazardous to the lives of others. But I would still like to hear your thoughts on the issue.
This makes no sense: "you lack a value system of things you will always defend". What does that mean? And what makes you think that I feel victimized by anything? And also, what makes you believe that I am not concerned by the state of the nation, the state of the world right now? We have lots to be worrying about. I just don't think that targeting a specific social group is any way to solve the many problems we have.
Ugh, ok. This is just getting childish. It's been real, sir.
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