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I've heard that "pretty white girl" comment about a dozen times. You know where? On the main stream media.
Do you think Cronkite was a Conservative?
Excellent response, Bruce. The bottom line is that none of those "myths" are myths. They are an accurate description of liberals. The problem for conservatives is that, generalizing from themselves, they cannot believe that other people have virtues they do not possess. They want to believe liberals are no better than they are, but secretly fear this is not true. Science, education, concern for the poor--not only do conservatives exhibit none of these qualities, but they dislike those who do. It would be very funny if it weren't so sad.
I don't think you understand how liberals react to Hawkins' observations. They are baffled by the stupidity of his conclusions, and, truth be told, highly entertained.
Seems to me the national elections are closer to the mark.
Yes. Isn't it strange? How have liberals managed to convince so many, especially academia, Hollywood and the press. It couldn't be that their positions are superior to conservative positions, could it? There must be some other explanation. Maybe they're just better talkers. Or maybe they are hypnotists. Or better liars. That must be it. Conservatives simply don't lie as well as liberals. I mean, they are good liars, as everyone knows, but not as good as liberals, right?
You realize, I hope, that liberals use exactly the same words, and I do mean exactly, to describe people like you. One of you is wrong.
And what label would you apply to yourself?
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