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Why Social Conservatives Will Miss Pope Benedict

Happy Jake Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 5:59 AM
Papal elections are not popularity contests, they aren't done to satisfy the insatiable media (who won't be happy with the Church until there's a "married" lesbian in the Chair of Peter, and maybe not even then).

The resignation of Pope Benedict comes as a surprise.  Now all eyes will turn to the College of Cardinals, which will elect his successor by Easter (this year, near the end of March).

Although I am not a Catholic, the news of the resignation was profoundly disheartening to me.  Notwithstanding its flaws (or, more properly, some profoundly flawed leaders), the Catholic Church has been stalwart in standing as a bastion for eternal truths, even when they are not popular.

Here is just one example of why social conservatives will dearly miss Pope Benedict.  In written responses to questions...