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Should College Students be Getting Their XXX Degrees?

Happy Jake Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 1:20 PM
Big Education is the biggest racket around. They demand not only the exhorbidant tuition, fees, and room-and-board from the students, but they also demand billions in tax dollars on top of it. They create a system (tenure) whereby professors cannot be terminated for any reason short of a crime (and even that's probably not easy). They quit education in favor of indoctrination decades ago, and they charge you MORE for it. All the while selling the lie that you must have a degree to have a decent job, and that a degree makes prospective employees smarter and more willing to work hard.
That question was posed in response to a new report from WORLD on Campus about the pornification of American universities. According to WORLD, self-styled “porn scholars” in fields ranging from literature to law “believe in immersing their students in the porn culture. Last year, 50 schools offered courses that included in-depth pornography content.”

Students and their parents—many of whom take out massive loans or a second mortgage to cover outrageously inflated tuition—might “be surprised to learn they are paying…to watch, digest and learn to appreciate pornography in college.”

As someone three years out of college, the salacious details...