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Not Enough Liberal Bias in Loony Land

Happy Jake Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 7:27 AM
Ah, journalistic integrity at its finest. We've known for years that the word "Honest" when associated with "Journalist" is almost always a contradiction in terms. I would say that journalistic integrity all but disappeared years ago, but that would allow for it to have existed in a general sense at any time. Bottom line, the journalist's job is not to report the news, or even to affect social change. The job is to sell papers, attract viewers or listeners, or get people to go to your website. If the unvarnished, unbiased truth leaks out, it's more likely by accident than by design.
wtmoore1 Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 4:17 PM
Happy Jake,

The free press also has an ethical obligation to the public, which is grounded in our First Amendment rights, and they take that obligation very seriously (or should). Responsible journalists have a duty to provide their readers/viewers with quality reporting that establishes relevant facts and then organizes and analyzes the info on a basic level. The reporter's primary responsibility, much like a doctor's calling to do no harm, is not to mislead or explicitly lie to the public--the public trusts and grants important protections to a free press so that we can gain accurate and important information that will inure to the benefit of the public.

When the press abdicates or wholly ignores this obligation, the public suffers.
annfan_777 Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 6:02 PM
The press has long since given up any objectivity and have clearly chosen sides. They might as well use pom poms when they report on their favorite Democrat politicians.
annfan_777 Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 1:45 PM
No, the definition of a journalist is someone who chronicles what is happening. Hence, the word journalist comes from the word "journal".

They stopped doing that a long time ago, as you know.
El_Loco_JP Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 9:18 AM
Actually, your comments mostly only apply to the MSM. Most conservative news organizations and reporters rely on facts, especially those not reported by the MSM.
How could a liberal actually be upset with the liberal media for their coverage of the 2012 presidential election? Well, Daniel Froomkin of The Huffington Post (formerly of the Washington Post) is furious. His complaint carried the headline "How the Mainstream Press Bungled the Single Biggest Story of the 2012 Campaign".

What would that story be? Namely, the radical right-wing, off-the-rails lurch of the Republican Party, both in terms of its agenda and its relationship to the truth.

Head Scratch Time. Who in the media didn't

identify the Grand Old Party as burdened, infected and/or poisoned by their conservatives?