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It’s Up To Parents To Pull Plug On Internet

Happy Jake Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 8:58 AM
Here's the problem. Parents need to parent their children. Parents have absolute responsibility for the wellbeing of their children, therefore they have ABSOLUTE (as in dictatorial) authority over them - notwithstanding government usurpation of that authority. I'm not saying that parents ought to be allowed to beat, abuse, or molest their children. What I am saying is that good parents assert their authority over their children, create limits for the children's behavior, and abide by them evenly. If exceptions are made, be clear that they are exceptions. And they must monitor and control their chidren's access to media, through the TV, the Radio, the computer, the video game system, magazines, books, newspapers, and so forth.

A week ago, after I gave a speech to a parent group, a mother with a difficult issue approached me. It was something she didn’t want to discuss in front of her school community during the question-and-answer session.

“Basically,” she whispered, “my daughter is totally addicted to Facebook. She is on it all the time — and I mean ALL the time — and if we ask her to click off and join the family, she gets very nasty.

“I feel like I should do something,” the mother told me, choking back her emotion, “but I don’t know what to do.”