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Is Anyone Hellbound?

Happy Jake Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 6:15 AM
"I mean there could be valid medical reasons that a vasectomy might be needed." Cancer is one. Serious injury is another. And, by the way, there are medical reasons for Viagra. It was originally intended (and is still used) as a heart medication. The more popular use is a mostly benign side effect.

The new documentary Hellbound? has reignited discussion about the perennial topic of hell as well as revealed some very bizarre perspectives.

Kevin Miller, the film’s director, who identifies as a Christian, stated in an interview that, regarding the traditional view of hell as a place of fiery torment, “I don’t see anything in the Bible that would lead me to believe that such a place exists.” Instead, according to Miller, when Jesus talked about hell, he was talking about the here and now.

Really? Jesus didn’t warn about a place of judgment to come? And Director Miller gets his...